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Market Eats

Gluten free baking products are so good, everyone will enjoy them!

These handcrafted donuts are a must if you are a morning shopper! They will go great with a drink from any of our coffee vendors.

Fresh strawberries drizzled with chocolate - the best little treat!!

Hot and fresh mini donuts, you can grab some on your way into the market and then another bag when you are leaving!

If you are looking for bubble tea to hydrate while you shop, these are so good!

Freshly squeeze lemonade on a nice spring day is the best combo.

Hello market fuel! Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos (hot and iced) - you will not be disappointed with any of their options!

Shopping while eating beat chips is part of the Third+Bird experience at this point! If you've never tried them, you need a bag ASAP!

A Winnipeg staple when it comes to food trucks. Their burgers are to die for and the poutine is next level!

They will be brewing coffee and teas. They always have so many fun drinks, they are hard to resist!

If you know, you know!

Burgers and-rolled tater tots with gourmet toppings - think poutine but with tater tots! Delicious!

Drinks, mochi donuts and Vietnamese coffee! If you havent had these donuts yet

A delicious Japanese bakery! They offer a wide variety of options such as gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and vegan.


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