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“ Went Saturday (Clear Lake) with my family, y’all Third+Bird  deserves a giant round of applause. They literally did such an awesome job of making everyone feel safe, fabulous organizational skills, this is what responsible social distancing looks like!!! Vendors were lovely, scored some awesome finds, great job guys!!!!” 


“Good morning! I  just wanted to send a note to tell you what a great job you did with the market at Clear Lake! I  will admit I  had some concerns prior to the market as far as crowd size etc. You handled it perfectly.  I felt very safe and comfortable shopping Saturday morning. My daughter and I  were the first customers out and we shared our experience with your team. I just wanted to say it again. In these very uncertain times I really appreciate the care and thought you put into your planning. Thanks so much for the great experience.” 


“It was 100% obvious that Third+Bird  had the vendors and patrons health and safety at the top of their priority list…. You guys did an outstanding job and I  wanted to say Thank You! It was an amazing weekend and I  enjoyed every second of it!!”

"I just wanted to say that what you have created with Third + Bird  is absolutely PHENOMENAL & so very Winnipeg AND Manitoba!!!! I feel like Third + Bird has seriously become an experience that I, along with many of my friends & fellow Manitobans look forward to every 6 months!! Third+Bird  gives us reason to come together as a community to BE with & to celebrate with the BEST of the Manitoba.  To have such phenomenal, talented, giving, inspiring makers from right within our province sharing their stellar, unique, beautiful & innovative handmade treasures, is just SUCH a special thing, & it exemplifies exactly why this place that we love, live in & call home, is so very special in & of itself."


"I just want to thank you, for ALL the time, effort, heart & vision you have put into making Third + Bird what it is ... a true Winnipeg & Manitoban treasure!! And I can't wait to build many more Third + Bird memories in the years to come!!"

"Thank You to you and your team for a great market!  As usual, all of your staff were kind and welcoming.  They encouraged and reminded all to distance and shop Covid smart (don't crowd booths, etc) which from what I saw everyone did.

I felt and know that you did everything within your power to keep every single person in that building safe while still providing a great experience.

I look forward to the next market!"

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