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Make unique pieces of your own with this yarn! The colour combos are so great and the fiber contents include merino wool, blue-faced leicester, cashmere, nylon, silk and mohair.

Jen was on the most recent season of The Great Canadian Potter Throw Down tv show! Her work is stunning and so unique!

3D printing feels so futuristic! They have great items for your home including plant pots vases and lamps.

Every piece of original artwork carries its own individual narrative, encouraging you to foster a deeper relationship with the beauty of the natural world. They are great for

These pieces are so unique and one of a kind! A bowl or vase would be such a special housewarming gift to give. We love that everything is made out of wood from back yards, acreages, boulevards and golf courses all over Manitoba

The most stunning and unique beaded jewelry! For spring we are loving the sun catchers. They add such a sparkle to your home!


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