Third+Bird  is a  family. We are a special community with deep bonds + connection. The Third+Bird  family is a safe and inclusive family, welcoming all folx from BIMPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities and celebrating diversity. All makers are welcome regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin or sex.


I wish to acknowledge that our markets are gathered on Treaty 1 territory, traditional territory of the Anishinabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.


There are a number of great resources to learn and be more informed.  This is a great place to start:


Third + Bird is Winnipeg’s largest urban market. We host curated markets, farmers markets and partnership events (ie. Canada Games, Manyfest, Zoo Lights)  that provide fun and inspiring gathering places for artisans + shoppers to meaningfully connect.


Third + Bird is a place to celebrate + spotlight small businesses who are pushing the independent makers industry through modern design, fresh ideas + creative branding. We strive to make personal connections with those we serve and work with – because supporting makers and their products matter to us, and we believe they matter to you.

Our urban markets have gained national exposure, with requests to host Third + Bird across western Canada + share our platform with motivated makers and shoppers alike. In 2018, we were honoured to be nominated, + rewarded, with the Manitoba Tourism Innovation Award. We were recognized for our creativity + innovation in the tourism industry, + developing new product + offerings for Manitoba’s tourism market. In 2019 we were we were honoured to be rewarded with the Small Business of the Year Award. We were also honoured to be rewarded with the 2019 Travel Manitoba Partnership Award.

Executives from Co-op, Safeway + Sobeys have flown in + signed many of our food vendors, + consumers can now shop their products in stores across Canada. Since being a part of Third + Bird, many vendors have been able to open their own storefronts and have been given unique opportunities to grow their businesses.

We pride ourselves on creating a unique shopping experience filled with inspiring visuals, food + drink, live music and infectious energy!



Chandra is a creative, innovator + industry leader in the Urban Market, Shop Local movement.


She is passionate about people, artisans + supporting small businesses + marginalized women in Nepal. Dreaming big, creating new platforms, business models + collaborations is what she does best. She sets high standards for herself, her markets + vendors. 


With a strong focus on supporting female entrepreneurs and giving back to women in Nepal + locally is the foundation of Third+Bird. 

Chandra is the Founder + CCO of Third + Bird. 


She’s a mother of 2 girls + her dog Roxy, married her teenage love, an avid traveler who loves a good playlist, creating art and camping. Her ideal day would be hoping on a plane with her family, taking in new cultures + experiences. 


Chandra is an ideas girl. She has creative vision along with marketing + branding skills. Bringing vivacious energy + excitement to any situation, you will find her pitching collaborations, building campaigns for social and coming up with new + fresh ideas. She has a huge heart for people + relationships. 


One of her favourite aspects of Third+Bird is bringing community together + feeling the collective energy + love.  Watching the joy on shoppers faces as they walk through the door with their friends + family is the absolute best! Witnessing on the side lines as makers interact + connect with their shopper is so special. Nothing beats market days! 




Third + Bird’s story began in 2009. Chandra had an idea to create a Christmas craft sale showcasing the best makers in Winnipeg.  It would all be in an effort to fundraise money  for inner city community art programs, hosted through the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard and to give back globally, by supporting marginalized women in the Nepali through the  Women’s Co-op. 


With Chandra’s ‘dream big’  ideas she tackled with best friend the untapped SHOP LOCAL market movement.


For the first 6.5 years, 100% of all money raised back to the local + global initiatives. This was and still is today, the markets foundation. 


Fast-forward to 2015 the market was beginning to reach unimagined heights of success. The innovation + branding of the ‘shop local’ movement was taking off. It was time to transition from running the market as a hobby, to a full time business that could exceed expectations and break barriers…from that transition, Third + Bird was born.


List of Accomplishments: 


  • The addition of an annual Spring Market,  a summer market in Clear Lake Manitoba, partnering with Winnipeg’s largest outdoor festival, ManyFest, to host an on-site market and expansion to hosting the first out-of-province market in Saskatoon.

  • Outgrew three locations, Winnipeg Centre Vineyard, Transcona Country Club, The Downtown Hudson’s Bay, now settling into their 4th home at Red River Exhibition Place

  • Created a new business model for urban markets in Winnipeg: bringing a retail market into an existing retail store with the Hudson’s Bay Downtown, creating a mutually profitable platform. 

  • Created new + unique shopping opportunities by partnering with The Forks Market, The Bay Downtown, Canada Games, Parks Canada, Design Festival by Storefront MB,  Assiniboine Park Zoo, Clearlake / Lake House + St Norbert Farmers’ Market.

  • Boosting the local economy by bringing in over 28,000+ shoppers and generating over $2.5 million in artisan revenues annually.

  • In 2018, won the Manitoba Tourism Innovation Award, being recognized for creativity + innovation in the tourism industry, developing new product + offerings for Manitoba’s tourism market. 

  • In 2019, rewarded with the Small Business of the Year Award and the Travel Manitoba Partnership Award with Lake House / Clearlake Country. 

  • Merging with St Norbert Farmers’s Market during COVID, helping both brands stay alive + support the local makers, creating one great come back story! 

  • Developing an e-commerce site that allows more people to shop + experience Third+Bird  and the community of makers they showcase. 


Third + Bird’s unwavering commitment to supporting diverse local artisans has made a name for them in Manitoba, and even across Canada. Their support of local + global community resonates with their attendees and vendors. It will only go up from here with Third + Bird continuing to innovate + break boundaries, all while remaining true to their original vision and mission. 


Futures goals for Third+Bird are :


Continue to expand their brand across Canada, with eyes set on Ontario


Expanding e- commerce to include makers across Canada and Canada-wide shipping options


Creating a curated line of Third+Bird  products 


Creating a curated ‘subscription’ box 

Corporate gift giving boxes