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Chandra's Shopping Guide

Chandra is the founder and CEO of Third+Bird. She has a huge heart for people and passion for showcasing small businesses. 

She loves to buy food, drink, bath and body, jewelry + clothing at markets. She is always purchasing products for her family including her husband, 2 teenage daughters + dogs!

I adore simplicity in cocktails, and Baltic excels at making the perfect drink effortless. From clear instructions on their bottles to their meticulously crafted family-infused recipes, every sip is a delightful experience.


Discovering new makers at the market always fills me with excitement, and Fab Slab embodies fun and positivity! Their designs are vibrant, playful, and modern, pushing the boundaries of traditional pottery in the most delightful way.


Treating oneself to fresh flowers is a must, and Fache Florals is a true floral genius. Her arrangements are fresh, beautiful, and modern, making her booth a must to and shop- before they sell out.


It's wonderful to see Courtney making her market debut again! Her presses are a game-changer, offering incredible designs perfect for elevating any look. Plus, the ability to reuse them makes them even more appealing.


Cole's designs are a personal favourite of mine, capturing Manitoba experiences and turning them into wearable art. His fun and nostalgic designs are ideal for gifts, just like our beloved Early Bird tote bags, which he also designs and prints.


Their soaps smell absolutely divine and leave your hands feeling fresh and clean without any residue. Even my husband is hooked. You will find us leaving the market with several bottles in hand.


This luxury unisex fragrance brand offers delightful scents at affordable prices. With such a delicious collection, choosing just one can be a challenge. My daughters and I are all huge fans and all wear Piper & Perro.


Heaven on stick! Handcrafted Brazilian cheese, grilled to perfection and topped with your choice of sweet or savoury toppings—it's an unparalleled culinary delight. Trust me, you'll find yourself making multiple trips back to her booth, eager for another mouthwatering bite.


Without a doubt, Von Slick’s offers the best finishing butters around. Their sweet and savoury flavours can elevate any dish, from steak to veggies to French toast. Plus, their mess-free packaging is a game-changer.


Not only do their designs celebrate everything Manitoba, but the artistry and craftsmanship are also unparalleled. Each market they bring something fresh and new, making their products perfect for home decor or gifting.


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