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  • 2023/2024 Market Dates + Application deadline dates
    2023 MARKET DATES Christmas Market - Saskatoon: Nov 11+12 *the market will start in the afternoon to honour Remembrance Day Christmas Market - Winnipeg: Nov 17, 18, 19 Snow Place like Third+Bird Winter Pop Up: Dec 3 + 10 2024 MARKET DATES Spring Market - Winnipeg: April 19-21 Slice of Summer Pop Up - Winnipeg: July 4 Clear Lake Market - Wasagaming, MB: Aug 3 + 4 Christmas Market - Saskatoon: Nov 9 + 10 Christmas Market - Winnipeg: Nov 22-24 APPLICATIONS DATES: 2023 Christmas Market - Saskatoon: Round 1 - COMPLETE, Round 2 - COMPLETE 2023 Christmas Market - Winnipeg: COMPLETE 2023 Snow Place like Third+Bird Winter Pop Up: COMPLETE 2024 Spring Market - Winnipeg: Jan 8-20, 2024 2024 Slice of Summer Pop Up - Winnipeg: April 1-8, 2024 2024 Clear Lake Market - Wasagaming, MB: March 11-18, 2024 2024 Christmas Market - Saskatoon: TBD 2024 Christmas Market - Winnipeg: TBD *Please note that our Clear Lake Market is an extremely popular 'applied for show' and the venue can only hold 35 vendors. *Snow Place Winter pop up is held at Van der Meer Garden Centre *Slice of Summer pop up is held at the St. Norbert Farmers' Market location
  • How do I apply for a Third+Bird market?
    Applications are completed through our website. You will be required to fill out an online application form + upload 6 photos (in square format + under 15 MB each) that best represent your products + brand. To find out when the next application will be posted, please sign up for our newsletter. That is your MOST effective way of never missing a notification. Be sure to mark us in your inbox so we don’t go to you junk or spam. In addition, follow us on Instagram + Facebook @thirdandbird
  • Do you accept applications from outside provinces?
    As of April 1st, 2022 we are now opening up our applications to out of province. Our Spring market 2022 application was for MB vendors only and that market will reflect Manitoba only makers. Moving forward, we are excited to welcome back our out of province makers. It's been a long year and we are excited to welcome you back. Out of province applications could change at any given moment with health restrictions. All mandates by the Gov of MB must be followed. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the market.
  • What can I expect at a Third+Bird market? How it's run + COVID
    Third + Bird Markets give spotlight to small businesses who are pushing the independent makers industry through modern design, fresh ideas + creative branding. We strive for personal connection with those we serve + work with – because makers + their product matter to us, + we believe they matter to you. We pride ourselves on creating a unique shopping experience filled with inspiring visuals, food + drink, live music + infectious energy! Our urban markets have gained national exposure, with requests to host Third + Bird across western Canada + share our platform with motivated makers + shoppers alike. In 2018, we were honoured to be nominated, + rewarded, with the Manitoba Tourism Innovation Award. We were recognized for our creativity + innovation in the tourism industry, + developing new product + offerings for Manitoba’s tourism market. In 2019 we were we were honoured to be nominated, + rewarded the Winnipeg Tourism Award of Distinction for Small Business of the Year. Executives from Co-op, Safeway + Sobeys have flown in + signed many of our food vendors, + consumers can now shop their products in stores across Canada. Social influencers + celebrities such as Jillian Harris + Michele Romanow have given Third + Bird + our makers spotlight on their social accounts. Since being a part of Third + Bird, many vendors have been able to open their own storefronts, + have been given unique opportunities to grow their businesses. Third+Bird markets are carefully planned and thought out with your health and safety in mind! COVID has impacted all of our lives in many ways. We have worked tirelessly to make our markets one of the safest in person shopping experiences. We work hand in hand with local health inspectors and are actively monitored by 3 government entities, including Manitoba Health; the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LCGA); and Manitoba COVID Enforcement Officers. We produce all or our markets with the health and safety of our community as our first priority. We follow all local and provincial rules + recommendations that are laid out for retail. Last year we spent months creating a new shopping experience for the safety of everyone. We created time shopping blocks and rolled it out in Fall 2020. Moving forward into 2022 we are continuing with reduced capacity and shopping blocks. Shopping blocks allow us to effectively manage numbers and reduce crowds. Shoppers show up at their designated time, eliminating standing in line for long periods of time. Coupled with our online ticketing and scanning, it gives us pin point accuracy with contact tracing, and which shopping pods shoppers were with. We use the shopping block method for our bigger Spring and Fall markets. We are proud to say that all of our markets in Winnipeg, farmers markets at the St Norbert location and our summer market at Clearlake have NOT been linked to a single COVID case. We have passed every inspection with flying colours, with no tickets or warnings issued. We continue to strive and have our markets operate this way. The health and safety of you, your family, makers and our staff are our top priority!
  • What can I expect on social media as a vendor?
    As per the contract, vendors are asked to do a minimum of 2 posts informing their followers that they will be at the Third+Bird market (stories do not count as posts). In turn, vendors can expect to see social media post (batched or singular) and a photo with links to their social and webite on our webiste. In addition we love to re-share your content and will often share videos and posts showing shoppers what you are up to. Each vendor will be posted about on our Instagram +Facebook accounts, but we reserve the right to batch vendors with other vendors. There is NO preference on who gets batched vs who doesn’t, nor a preference on who is batched together. Due to the volume of markets + pop ups we host, in order to post about everyone we do need to batch photos along with individual posts. Our team also reserves the right to use photos that were submitted in the application or photos found on your social media. Permission will be asked to use social media photos. Many markets across the globe charge to be featured on thier social media, website and newsletters. We do not charge to highlight or feature vendors*
  • What's included in the cost of a booth?
    Your cost includes your booth square footage, mass marketing of the sale, a poster package, a post of your company on all of our social media outlets, over 75,000 followers + counting, + a listing on our vendor webpage. By taking part in our markets, you become part of the Third + Bird family. This is a special bond + there is a plethora of makers who are eager to connect + support one another! Our booths come in 3 sizes: 5ftx10ft 10ftx10ft 10ftx20ft Market prices are posted during applications and vary by market/pop-up. We DO NOT provide tables or chairs. Creativity is encouraged in creating an engaging space for shoppers to interact with your product. Please visit us on Pinterest to find booth inspiration from our Third + Bird family.
  • Can I sell a product I don't make myself?
    We do not accept 3rd party vendors such as Epicure, Tupperware, Norwex, etc. This includes vintage wares or up-cycled goods for sale. We do make an exception for the fast fashion movement + will consider applications where the maker is up-cycling fabric, clothing + using it to create new pieces. Pieces must be altered + fully re-designed by you. This requires more than just adding a button or small detail. Your product must be an idea original to yourself, or made by yourself. All out-sourced products must be ethically produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence of this in your application if applicable.
  • I am a first time vendor + worried about the cost of a space + if I will sell enough
    We offer a program called Little Bird. This program allows first-time Third + Bird vendors to apply for a reduced rate. We pride ourselves on being a market that is accessible + our ability to find up + coming makers. This category is juried separately from the main applications. We only accept 3 Little Bird makers per market. If you choose to go the Little Bird route your chances of being accepted will depend on how many other makers have elected to apply as a Little Bird. This program is a one-time chance for NEW vendors to the Third + Bird market. If you are a Little Bird for one market, + apply another market, you will automatically apply as a regular vendor + pricing. If you apply under the Little Bird program, you are UNABLE to be considered as a regular vendor with the jury. Meaning if you do not secure one of the 3 spots your application will not be rolled over into the regualr price vendor application. You must choose one or the other. If lots of people apply under the Little Bird your chances of securing one of 3 spots might be slim. Vs applying as a regular price vendor. The choice is up to you. Little Bird rates are 40% off the regular fee of a 10 x 5 booth only. (NO corner booths accepted for LB program). * If you require electircal you will be charged full price, no discount To apply as a Little Bird, submit your application through our website as normal, then email us to confirm you would like your application to be considered for the Little Bird program at: Please do not forget to email us during the applicaiton window that you want to be considered for the Little Bird program. Once applications close we will not accpet emails for this program. NOTE: The Little Bird program only applies to our Spring + Christmas Markets at Red River Exhibition Park in Winnipeg. It does not apply to our smaller markets such as Clearlake, farmers markets or pop ups.
  • What are the difference between applying for a market vs a pop-up?
    At our markets, shoppers pay admission to attend + we do big market campaigns drawing large crowds. Markets are for makers who have the ability to make a lot of stock, work long hours + have booth displays. Pop-up’s are free markets for shoppers to attend in a relaxed, small scale environment, giving new markers a less intimating introduction to the market world. Hours are typically less, + booth display requirements are not as intense. Inventory requirements are lower as well. If you are new to Third + Bird or you don’t get accepted into a market we encourage you to apply for a pop-up. Pop ups are a great stepping stone into getting into our big markets. It’s a great way to get to know us + let us get to know you! Pop-up’s can be very profitable for makers, sometimes more so than our market depending on the offering and shoppers in attendance. We have some makers who exclusively do our pop-up’s!
  • How does the jury process work?
    For each market we enlist the help of a panel of jury members This is a diverse group of people including BIMPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ who help make unbiased decisions. Each jury member reviews the applications looking at: product, photos, branding, booth display, aesthetics etc. They then rate each application based on a point system. A maker can score up to a 100 points. We receive approximately 300+ applications to our markets. We have approx150 spots available Which means we need to cut 50% or more of the applications that are received. The point system is the most unbiased + fair way to decide who will be in the market. This allows us to keep emotions out of the decision making. We have grown very close with our Third+Bird family + we love the maker community. We know many of your stories + how hard you work to provide for yourselves + families. The scoring process is competitive + a maker needs to score 90 or higher to make it into the market. In the case of oversaturation of a category (eg. self care, apparel, jewelry, baby) we do a second round of voting to narrow it down again. *Hometown province rule. In the event that we have two similar makers and the jury is in a deadlock (meaning both makers have the same points) they jury will award the spot to the hometown province maker vs the maker who is out of province. This process takes our jury 2 weeks. Daily check-ins to review applications + an end review to rate each one. Votes are then tallied and an evening is hosted where each jury member can bring forward any opinions. We spend a long evening deliberating + cross-checking. It’s very important to us that our markets reflect fresh faces, allowing NEW makers a chance to shine and make a name for themselves, while having makers who have been in markets past. For the past 2 years we have on average had 40+ new makers join our market each season. Every application is juried by an unbiased panel that shuffles members each year. We have members of the BIMPOC + LGBTQIA2S+ community on our jury at all times. *Products that have swear words are not permitted. We are a family friendly market. If you have product that has slang such a AF, we will allow it but any swear words will be asked to be tucked away (you can sell it but it can't be on display).
  • I have a concern with one of your vendors. What should I do?
    If you have a concern with a fellow maker in the community please do not email us first to investigate your concern for you. Please take the following steps before involving Third + Bird. - Reach out to the maker and express your concern. - Gather truthful facts to build your case with concern (assumptions and ‘looks like this’ are not facts) - After having a conversation with the maker, and if you still feel like there are valid concerns with the proven facts you have gathered, we then will step in and investigate further. - We want to make it very clear, we are not undercover cops. We create an application platform that is fair and gives makers plenty of opportunity to be transparent and honest with us. If a maker chooses to withhold information or bend truth at the time of jurying that is on them and we will take proper measures and further investigate them when brought to our attention through the above steps.
  • How can I make sure my application stands out from the rest?
    Your application is your first impression! The 6 photos you choose to submit on your application should be high quality + highlight your products, packaging, overall brand + appeal. Showcase all the details our shoppers might look for when attracted to a new company. Think of these photos as a well-curated Instagram feed quality, and not just photos of your entire collection of product. Please visit our Instagram page + see our feed, better yet click on makers accounts + get a good idea of what others are doing! Other things to keep in mind: - Am you posting and interacting with your followers on social media consistently or do you go weeks and months without posting ? - Is my social feed consistent or am I post pictures of my kids, and vacations in addition to my product? - Are you following us on social media? Engaging with us? - Do you offer something that is unique and different ... show us, let us know! * Please note we do NOT require you to have paid professional photoshoots. If you go that route do it because it's good for your brand, website and social media. Hiring someone to make your product shine is a great idea, however it's NOT a requirement from us. Cell phone cameras are amazing and can produce fantasic photos. There are lots of tips and ticks out there on how to stage great product shots! Our jury will also take your website + social media presence into consideration, so be sure to include those in your application. Having a well-curated social media account is a big plus!
  • What if I am accepted and need to cancel?
    We understand that cancellations happen. Please review our cancellation deadlines when applying to a Spring or Christmas market. During the cancellation widow you will recieve a full refund, less a $50 admin fee. After the window closes there will be no refunds given. * If we need to cancel a market (example, we had to cancel the spring market 2020 due to COVID), we gave FULL refunds to all makers. * Pop ups, Clearlake and farmers markets have different sets of cancellation rules that are laid out in the application / contracts.
  • Do I need permits to participate?
    Vendors selling/serving food and/or drink will need to abide by Health + Safety standards for the province. Upon acceptance we will send vendors information on what permits they will require. Failure to apply and get proper permits in time will result in Health Inspector / LCGA shutting down your ability to sell and or sample/serve food.
  • Can I join your waiting list?
    Waitlists are reserved for makers who applied during our application period + have been juried. If you missed our application period you are not eligible to be added to our waitlist.
  • How do I become involved as a sponsor?
    We love to work in sponsorship with companies big + small. If you have a creative idea, new product or a space you would like to create at our events, we want to hear it! In your email please include the following: - Who you are and what your company does - How you feel your company values line up with Third+Bird - What you want to collaborate on or sponsor. Let us know what you are offering and how you see it as a benefit to both parties. Email us at + let’s talk.
  • What are your current advertising prices?
    We would love to partner with you! Please enquire with for current rates.
  • Can I bring my stroller?
    Sorry, no strollers. We encourage wearing your baby! This is a policy that has been set in place for the past 15years + one that we have carefully consulted with professionals in law, fire + safety and human rights. We care deeply about the community as a whole + making our markets accessible + safe to the best of our abilities. The key to this policy, is that it expressly sets out an alternative for those with strollers (baby carriers) + provides an option for those with health concerns. We have adopted this policy for many important reasons. The main reason being fire safety + evacuation of guests. Stroller Policy Third + Bird Inc. (“Third + Bird”) wishes to ensure that all of its guests have the most enjoyable experience possible, while also taking steps to provide a safe experience for its guests. As a result, in an effort to reduce objects that may impede access to emergency exits, Third + Bird has adopted a limited stroller policy. As a result, Third + Bird will not allow strollers in its markets, except in limited circumstances. However, in order to assist those guests with young children, Third + Bird will make available: 1) a place in which guests may store their strollers; and 2) if requested, a baby carrier for use while attending the Third + Bird market. Third + Bird also understands that, for a variety of reasons, some guests may not be able use a baby carrier and need the assistance of a stroller. Should that be the case, we ask that guests contact us in advance of the market which they plan to attend, in order to discuss their particular needs. Third + Bird will endeavour to make necessary considerations, where it is able to do so without undue hardship. Please contact us at ahead of time with your name and shopping block you are attending and we will be sure to make your time shopping the market as easy and pleasurable as possible.
  • How do we give back?
    We have been partners with the Nepal Women’s Co-op for 14 years. We respect everyones right to donate to local + global charities. This is a passion project for us. This co-op is one of the main reasons why we started Third + Bird, + we will continue to choose them for all our future markets as our charity of choice. These women do not have a voice, local or global media, tv, radio doing fundraisers or brining attention to them. We are their voice, we are their platform! Thank you for your passion + concern for your charities of choice, we thank you for respect with our right to choose who we donate our money to. Please see our giving back page for more details. For our SHOP! markets (at the St Norbert location) and Clearlake Market we have partnered with the Bear Clan Patrol and Villa Rosa. Please see our giving back page to learn more.
  • Community + Acknowledgment
    Third+Bird is a family. We are a special community with deep bonds + connection. The Third+Bird family is a safe and inclusive family, welcoming all folx from BIMPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities and celebrating diversity. All makers are welcome regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin or sex. We wish to acknowledge that our markets are gathered on Treaty 1 territory, traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, OjiCree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. There are a number of great resources to learn and be more informed. This is a great place to start:
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