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For the Cabin

Their clothing and accessories so perfect for a lake lover! They even have matching sets for the whole family which would make a great gifts!

Add the perfect fun sign to your cabin! We love the thought of them in the bathroom or bedrooms.

SWIM scrunchies!! Need we say more?! These will be a summer staple and if you host at your cabin, we suggest stocking up for your guests.

Coasters, bathymetric wooden and art prints of lakes in Manitoba and Ontario, and games - you have to check out this vendor if you have a cabin! We are sure you will take something home.

This art is inspired by Canadian landscapes and shorelines and would be a stunning addition to your cabin or pay an homage to your lake by putting a piece in your home.

Make your cabin awesome with some fun throw pillows!

We can not recommend stocking up your bathroom with products from LMSS!

The candy is so fun to have for kids but their Freeze Dried Fruit + Veggie Powders are great for the lake so you don't have to worry about produce going bad!

BBQ-ing and the lake go together the PB&J and you need multiple of these sauces on hand!

These mugs are so fun for the lake! Go for a morning walk with you mushroom or acorn mug and be one with nature!


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