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Amber & Chrissy Troy's Shopping Guide

Updated: Mar 31

Hi! We are Amber and Chrissy, BFF’s and colleagues at Virgin Radio. We’re excited for warmer weather and the new items makers are bringing to market! We like buying host gifts, finding new food items and buying treats for our families.


I believe in bone broth and the benefits of it and a local company has been lovingly preparing broths for years now. I feel good using Ryan’s product in homemade soups and other recipes and his variety of soups are yum when you need to get a comforting, tasty dinner on the table fast.


If you are looking to investing in art by a local artist, I encourage you to look to Cheryle Dreaver. She is an incredible First Nations artist who does stunning work. Her brightly coloured acrylics are nothing short of inspiring.


I believe that hands with clean, tidy nails make all the difference in appearance - whether you rock polish or not. I’m also trying to lean into natural, low maintenance nails and Cutie Oils are an essential part of maintaining my nails and cuticles.


My mind.was.blown the first time I tried the Watermelon Tuna Poke Bowl by Fruit de La Vie and I proceeded to buy several and deliver to my girlfriends so they could try it too! Between their bowls and pressed juices, they have created a line of food that gives me a healthy, California vibe and I love it.


These ladies have created an iconic brand, here in humble little Winnipeg. That pretty pink box with a magical rainbow of treats on the inside is my favourite gift to give. I’m always excited to bring JRC dessert when invited to a dinner - faces light up when you gift Jenna Rae Cakes and that makes me happy.


If I’m going to indulge in a cocktail, it’s going to be gin and when it’s gin, it’s going to be Patent 5’s Purple Blossom Gin. It’s SO GOOD. The purple hue makes for stunning presentation and it’s truly the perfect host gift.


I’ve shifted in the last year to silk products to maintain healthy hair. Less breakage and maintaining a fresh blow dry and style means silk hair accessories are essential. These scrunchies and bonnets are a life saver.


I don’t know that I’ll ever tire of the charm necklace and bracelet trend and Sugar Blossom’s Customize Me Charm Necklace had me feeling like a kid in a candy store, picking out the cutest charms for my own piece. I love that every charm means something different and important to me.


Dates have significant meaning to my family and I. Muslims often break fasts during the month of Ramadan with dates. They are a delicious delicacy - so have to this local business producing delicious date products and absolutely stunning gift packaging is really special.


Oh gosh, Chrissy introduced me to The Churro Stop empanadas at Third and Bird a little while back - RAVING about the onion and cheese ones. I am now obsessed and a hot tip I got from Chrissy: you can buy them frozen and make them at home. SO GOOD!

Chrissy Troy

I love the look of Elaine’s resin work. I live in a home with white walls, I’m looking for a bit of colour.


My partner wears a lot of pins and what Bead n Butter makes is so beautiful I’m interested in adding to his collection.


I’m interested in buying local made underwater, curious about bamboo and the seamless undies.


I’m a Chaps fan! If you like peanut butter you NEED to try their peanut butter with honey! I will always stop to grab a jar of Chaps!


My house is a big fan of Dead Horse Cider soda! Yes, they make handcrafted soda. It is so nice to have the option of locally made, delicious, non alcoholic craft soda. I will always grab a 4 pack to have on hand.


My sister in law gifted me bread and jelly candy a few years back, both were incredible. I try to grab both when I see them at Third+Bird.


I am very excited to try these tortillas. They are new to me, but I’m very excited to check them out!


I’ve been looking for a great apron and the ones at Moss and Daisy look incredible so I’m very interested in checking them out.


Adding a new spice blend to your cupboard changes supper time! I love the knowledge behind everything Spice World makes.


I’m excited to take something home with me that Wilde Fleur makes. I need a bookmark and theirs are beautiful.


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