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Vanessa's Shopping Guide

Vanessa is the operations and admin ninja on the team. Shopping is her sport and she has so much fun discovering new products and brands. She loves all things food related as well as bath, body, and skincare. This market she’ll be shopping for herself (obviously!) as well as for a few birthday gifts and Mother’s Day.

My mom is a huge tea drinker and I will be getting her one of these for Mother's Day! I love that it's a pre-blended mix of honey, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper so you just need to add hot water or milk for a healthy beverage.


If you're a home cook and are looking to up your knife game, look no further! Fehr Forgeworks recently launched their line of Japanese style knives. I've been so curious about these and have been eyeing the Japanese Pairing Knife.


Flowers just make me happy! A fresh bouquet brightens up any room and Floral Fixx is bringing a bloom bar so you can pick your own flowers to create your own bouquet. How fun is that? We can't wait to see all of your creations!


The BEST whipped body formula you will find! I've fallen in love with the Genuine Body Care body butters and for good reason. They are lightweight and quick absorbing without being greasy. My favourite scent profile is the Mint + Rosemary.


My fur baby is always happy when I come home from a market with treats for her. She loves the freeze dried cheddar and salmon bites from Happy Daisy Gourmet Dog Food. They are small enough to put into our doggy camera that shoots out treats so I can give her a treat even if I'm at the market.


I'm a dainty jewelry girl and Jillian Leigh checks that box! Her pieces are delicate, contemporary, and timeless. Incase you didn't know JIllian was just at New York Fashion Week debuting new pieces on the runway! How lucky are we to have this talent in Manitoba?


If you know me, you know I have loved these for a long time! They are always stocked in our freezer and I like to drink the ginger ones as a hot tea when I feel a cold coming on or when sick. I like to mix the Limonade ones with sparkling water for the most refreshing beverage during the summer months.


You know them for their gelato on a stick, but I go to them for their special Vietnamese coffee! SO delicious! If you've never had one it has a strong coffee taste, but is blended and sweetened with condensed milk. The perfect pick me up!


Need something to help you relax and calm overworked muscles? Prairie Potions has you covered with their Magnesium Melt relief spray. It has become part of my bedtime routine, spraying on the soles of my feet and the light lavender scent helps me wind down from the day. A great self-care product to add to your routine.


Teegan Walker offers stunning pottery pieces in amazing colours. One of my favourite pieces from markets past are the bud vases. I like to grow cut flowers in the summer and these are the perfect vessels to display them!


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