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8 o'clock LINEN CO.

Handmade, quality textile goods for you and your home. Natural fibres and neutral colors, sure to complement any decor.


Adria Warren Creative

Adria Warren Creative brings goods together with a cozy, minimal look and feel. From apparel to art prints, Adria Warren Creative sells a variety of items suited for the Manitoba lover and proudly uses ethical, Canadian-made garments.



Apothecandy crafts forest inspired artisan goat milk soap and natural self-care rituals. Combining her passion for plants and love of the nature with rich and creamy milk from her own herd of goats; the bewitching botanical designs and aromas will transport you to a woodland wonderland.


Azra's Kitchen

Tired of plant-based food that is processed and full of preservatives? Look no further, Azra's Kitchen Chickpea Burgers are gluten-free, free of preservatives, and 100% plant-based! Azra's burgers have an amazing flavour and are so easy to make!



AXK maternity is a newly launched athletic/everyday clothing brand. Designed by two moms who wanted to change the narrative for maternity wear.


Amanda Lynn

Gluten Free Perogies?! Yes Please! Amanda Lynn Gluten Free is back at Third & Bird with their line up of gluten- (& nut) free foods! Their perogy of the month will be featured at our event and they'll have ready to eat options too. Yum!


Arepa's House

Arepa's house offers the best traditional Colombian arepas made with lots of love and local products.


Beard & Brawn

Beard and Brawn is a Manitoba owned, hand-made beard care product line, that uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our oils all contain a minimum of SEVEN carrier oils and a blend of essential oils which not only have multiple benefits to beard and skin, but also create a wide variety of scents that are designed for men.


Achie Collection

One-of-a kind pieces and trend-setting designs, offers something special for everyone.


Angel's Share Cocktail Co.

It’s time to kick back and enjoy a quality cocktail or spirit-free cocktail with your closest friends and family! Angel’s Share Cocktail Co makes you a master mixologist with their award-winning cocktail mixes, featuring quality ingredients and intricate flavors that have been recognized by the best bartenders in the world. Just add your favorite spirit, (or don’t!) and enjoy!


Au Naturale

Au Naturale is a unisex jewelry, lifestyle and wellness brand that offers high quality and affordable accessories for all. Offering gold and silver jewelry, inclusive sizes, and a variety of different styles. Elevate yourself with Au Naturale.


Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery

Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery is a Manitoba based apiary creating artisanal honey wines, honey varieties and our newest product honey based high quality iced teas!

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