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Abiding Citizen Craft Beverage Company

Inspired by Prohibition, refined by modern times, Abiding Citizen helps everyone build a better beverage. With a vast array of simple and shrub syrups, bitters and rims we strive to empower the home bartender to prepare and serve dynamite cocktails and mocktails!


Simple Syrups (6-8 flavours)
Rich simple, vanilla, lavender, demarara, cherry, hibiscus, cranberry, lemon

Shrub syrup (6-8 flavours)
strawberry, blueberry, lemon lime, grapefruit, pineapple ginger, cantaloupe mint, celery, Mango (NEW), Field Berry (New)

Manitoba Aromatics, Lavender, Hot Pepper, Citrus, Baking Spice, Cranberry Rosemary

Spicy, Salt, Sweet

Kits - these are combinations of our products
Caesar Kit - celery shrub, hot pepper bitters, spicy rim
Cocktail starter kit - 1 shrub, 1 syrup, 1 bitter + 1 rim
Syrup Kit - select 3 syrups
More combinations to come (Old Fashioned Kit)
Mocktail Starter Kit

Shrub Soda - flavours to be combinations of a Shrub + syrup + bitters
Example - Blueberry Shrub + demarara syrup+ Cranberry Rosemary bitters + soda water





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