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For the Kids

The shirts and accessories are great for teens! They are fun and bring happiness through puns and light humour.

Safe, durable and sustainable! Any items from this vendor are great, we think the activity and painting mats would be so fun for kids!

The cutest whimsical treasures to brighten kids' days! From silly socks and cheerful hats to vibrant stickers and enchanting enamel pins, we are sure you will find something here!

With a focus on minimalistic design and lasting quality, each hand-crafted product is curated to enchant both kids and parents alike. Add the monster pillows to your list!

If you are searching for elevated clothing, look no further!

A lot of these pieces are so cute for teens! We love this pink chain and little gummy bear charm!

The mushroom baskets!! Kids will love them and you will be happy to have them in your home, they are SO adorable

Match your mini-me with a scrunchie, beanie or headband!

The DIY kit would be such a fun activity! Make friendship bracelets or watch their creativity go wild with endless combos!

So many unique pieces can be found at this vendor! Preloved tees are transformed into the coolest kids' apparel so your little rebels can rock their favourite bands in style for years to come.

Another great kid activity is these paint your own cookie sets! So fun and yummy!

This is a new vendor with really cool products! They make crochet dolls and figures of characters! There are Disney princesses, Pokemon and so much more.

The playdough and slime elevate kids playtime adventures! Kids can unleash their creativity and curiosity in a safe and nurturing environment.


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