Nimis Creations

Oji-Cree Woman from Treaty 1 territory. Growing up as a suppressed First Nations girl I begun be my journey to self discovery as to who I am First Nations woman. What has led me to cultural ceremony and cultural practices such as traditional beadwork of my people.
My traditional culture has been lost for so long I don’t wanna be part of the movement i’m bringing my culture to the forefront and by doing so I do it through designing jewelry and beadwork.
I design jewelry with crystal stones beaded earrings, masks, and reclaimed wood shelves.


Beaded earrings made with birchbark, porcupine quills, horse & caribou hair (tufting) leatherand rawhide. Antler bone earrings that are either beaded or have turquoise. Along with some semi precious stone earrings, necklace and bracelet that are made with sandalwood.
I also design triangle wood shelves made out of recycled wood along with plant holders made with wood discs.





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