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Bees & G's Wax Wraps

When Lynn and Jeff Gouthro’s daughter asked if they could make her some wax wraps, they had no idea it would turn into a thriving business! After experimenting with a few recipes and techniques, they nailed their process and in 2018 Bees & G’s Wax Wraps was born. With Lynn taking on the fabric and design and Jeff working on the batches and finishes, they’ve created a product that is not only beautiful to look at and touch, but it helps all of us to be more environmentally conscious. With their eco-friendly brand, it’s their hope that the prints they choose spark joy in you and that their ease of use inspire you to welcome them into your daily routine. From a daughter’s small request, Lynn and Jeff have found a beautiful way to care for you - and our planet.


Bees Wax Food Wraps are offered in a variety of colors and fun prints and packaged in three different sets or sold individually.




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