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Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn specializes in handmade gluten free foods. Our specialty is perogies. Our quality, taste and presentation, has our customers hungry for more! We now offer take-&-bake pizzas, soups, desserts, oven ready meals, and cabbage rolls! In our dedicated gluten free kitchen we are always testing (and tasting ) new recipes! Find us this spring to see what's next!


All products are GF. We do cater to dairy free, soy free, sugarless, vegan, and other dietary restrictions and or life styles.
Perogies (various varieties, ie Potato & Aged Cheddar, Potato, Onion & Dill, etc)
Cabbage Rolls (various varieties, ie Rice + onion, Rice + Ground Beef, etc)
Soups (borsch, chili, chicken tortilla, etc)
Oven ready meals (Meatballs, bacon wrapped mini meatloaves, tourtierres, etc)
Take-&-Bake pizzas (and pizza dough)
Desserts (Fresh Lemon Slice, Peanut Butter Cup Slice, etc)
Branded Merchandise
New Products (hopefully) coming soon!




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