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Those Girls at the Market

Chocolate by Those Girls at the Market was founded in 2014 and launched at the local farmers' market to spread the bliss of health-focussed raw chocolate made with organic, ethical, and sustainable ingredients. Every bar is handcrafted, vegan-friendly, and free from dairy, gluten, nuts & soy.


Stoneground Chocolate Bars $18, Large Prism Bars
1. 80% Dark Vanilla Bean Bar,
2. 77% Dark Espresso Bar,
3. Possibly one fruit chocolate like Saskatoon Berry or Blueberry

Stoneground Advent Bars $24

Chocolate Bars sweetened with pure maple syrup, Small Rounded 8-Square Bars $6.75- $8.00
Flavours: Classic, Coffee, Cranberry Sea Salt, Mint, Zero Sugar, Ultra Dark 90%

Chocolate Bark $24/bag
- Salted Maple Honeycomb Toffee
- Coffee Crisped Rice Bark

Chocolate Gift Boxes $24-$27
1) Classic Gift Box: Classic, Coffee, Cranberry Sea Salt, Mint
2) Sugar-Free Gift Box: Classic, Coffee, Orange, Mint (all sugar-free)
3) Seasonal Gift Box: to reflect seasonal ingredients or flavours*
*November 2022 box contained: Pumpkin Spice, Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange, Golden Mylk




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