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For the Teacher

These earrings are fun and a great price point! Perfect for the teacher who dresses up for all occasions.

This lip balm is SO good! We think this is a great to give with a card or to add on with a gift card/other small items.

Create a comforting atmosphere in the teacher's home or classroom with one of these candles!

A bag of beans from this vendor are great for the teacher who loves coffee! The mission behind their brand could resonate with lots of teachers - "Through mentorship and sisterhood we help girls and young women find their individual voices and unique paths."

These items are so unique and will brighten up a teachers day! We love the idea of filling the mug with small items or a coffee shop gift card.

Give the gift of relaxation with any of these products! There are so many fun colours and designs which we love!

The cutest addition to their desk! These are low maintenance but will bring some plant life into their classroom

Iconic to Manitoba, you can't go wrong with gifting a bag of popcorn or toffee!


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