Give them what they really want and show them how much you love them by gifting them a LOVE Box, curated with their joy in mind!


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Everything you love about a Third+Bird market curated into one unforgettable box. 


The LOVE Box is designed with you in mind and includes an exclusive selection of some of our favourite makers and must-have products, including a special edition item from the Nepali Women's Co-op. Thoughtfully curated, the LOVE Box lets you experience all of the joy and excitement of a Third+Bird market from home.

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Why the LOVE Box?


Big Big Savings!


The LOVE Box is packed with over $150 of exclusive items selected just for you, but for a limited time you can unbox the joy for only $97.50 + tax. That’s over $50 of savings! Each items works out to be $19.50. Who doesn’t love a deal? 


*Discount is applied at checkout. 


Exclusive Products...


Each LOVE Box features some items custom created for us by your favourite local makers! That means you won’t find them anywhere else! 


It doesn’t stop there!

We all love surprises, so inside 5 lucky LOVE Boxes we’ve included a golden ticket that gives you FREE admission to the Early Bird pre-shop at our Spring 2022 market! This is a $25 value!!

Each LOVE Box is limited edition, so once Valentines / Palentines is over so is the LOVE Box, so secure yours today!

This box is perfect for: 

A lover, friend, family member, co-worker, a hero working the front lines, or someone you think deserves some self-care and pampering.


Do you have outstanding staff that go above and beyond for you? The LOVE Box is a 100% tax write off and sure to be a BIG win with your staff at the office. Show them how much you appreciate them.


Act quick before they sell out!

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  • Love Box will be available for local pick up, local delivery (Winnipeg) and Canada Post.

  • Taxes and shipping costs in other Provinces will be applied to orders.

  • Shipping available within Canada, sorry we are not set up for the US quite yet.

  • There are 5 items in the box. 4 items are all by local makers here in Manitoba. 1 item is in support of the Nepali Women’s Co-op charity.

  • The Love Box is reusable and recyclable.

  • There are no refunds on the boxes. If any contents are damaged we will replace immediately.

  • The item from Nepali Women's Co-op comes in over 15 different variations. This is in support of charity and we cannot guarantee what variation you will receive.

  • Future boxes in 2022 will consist of themed boxes such as: Birthday, Baby, Foodie etc.