Prairie Pampas

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we've curated a line of products that are elegant, natural and low maintenance. Pampas grass has become a staple in home decor and has been featured on blogs, design shows and magazines. We are so excited to be able to bring this design trend to Winnipeg and see how pampas grass has enhanced the homes of many of our customers.

We started Prairie Pampas with the vision of sharing our passion for pampas with friends and family. We were absolutely blown away by the response from the community! In just two short months, we acquired over a thousand followers and hundreds of orders! Safe to say that others in Winnipeg have the same passion for this popular plant as us. We can see why it’s so popular, the natural colours and texture of these beautiful plants really blend in with any interior decor style. Not only does pampas require very little maintenance, but it will last you for years to come.

Owned by two roommates with a passion for home decor, Mia and Sara both love coming back to a space we are proud to call home. We both have busy lives with lots of projects on the go. Pampas grass is the perfect fit for our household because it's so low maintenance. It does not require any watering whatsoever, and it adds a natural beauty & texture to our decor year round. Thank you for reading about us. We can't wait to share our love of home decor with you.


Pampas Arrangements
Elsa - Small Vase with Shiloh Pampas
Eva - Small Vase with Sacramento Pampas
Paige - Small Vase with Shiloh Pampas
Paisley - Small Vase with Shiloh Pampas
Amelia - Small Vase with Salinas Pampas
Jill - Vase Arrangement with Pampas and Palm
Anastasia - Vase Arrangement with Pampas and Palm

Other dried florals
• Eucalyptus
• Tall dried palms
• Small palm fans
• White monstera leaves
• Handmade rattan palm fan

• Sedona - Large Ivory Pampas
• Sacramento - Natural Prairie Pampas
• Shiloh - Small White Mini Pampas
• Salinas - Soft Cascading Pampas

• Miami - Clear Jug
• Prints - Posters with original photography of Pampas close-ups
• Wood Bead Garland - Handmade wood bead garlands and tassels


To ensure a variety of natural Pampas products, we source different varieties of Pampas harvested from all over the world! Our flagship Sacramento Pampas comes from right here in Manitoba, and the rest are sourced from trusted manufactures from California, South America and overseas. Each variety of pampas is then named after cities around the world, many of which pampas grass can be found in!

We design each and every one of our vase arrangements and keep a high standard of quality and consistency with each product we add into our line. Our specially designed arrangements have been named after someone who has inspired us! We curate the perfect combinations of vases, pampas and accessories for each product to make we are offering something completely unique to our customers.

We’ve printed our posters using our own original photography showcasing our minimalistic arrangements and natural pampas. In addition, we have also hand crafted our wood bead garlands, and tassels (which are included with some of the arrangements) and also sold separately as an add on.


10ft wide x 5ft deep


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