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Sweet Wheat Bakeshop

Sweet Wheat Bakeshop specializes in perfectly piped and beautifully baked sugar cookies, each created with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients and utmost attention to packaging and the details. We guarantee these adorable and giftable treats will make your day a little sweeter!


(May vary depending on what is prepared by then but!)
Gourmet, intricately and beautifully decorated sugar cookies in various designs and packaged options (singles with bows, multi packs, boxed with bows, etc)
Paint your own cookies, boxed with bows
Brownie cups
Snack cakes
Chocolate covered oreos
Chocolate covered spoons
Gourmet cookies/cookie sandwiches
Tons of beautifully packaged, adorable options ideal for gifting
Sugar cookie scribes
Cake jars
Cookie mix jars
DIY Cookie kits
Hot cocoa bombs/Hot apple cider bombs
Cookie + Icing dippers (like Dunkaroos)
Cookie Advent Calendars




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