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Butterfly Balms

Butterfly Balms is a family run business located in Tyndall Manitoba. We make 20+ flavours of handmade lip balms. Our lip balm base is made from beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin e & flavour oil. All ingredients are purchased from Canadian small businesses.


28 flavours of handmade lip balms and lip balm holder key chains (if allowed)

The flavours that would be available at the sale if accepted: (maple syrup, cotton candy, bubble gum, mango, coconut, black cherry, rootbeer, winterberry, strawberry, pina colada, orange creamsicle, buttercream, blue raspberry, banana, watermelon, acai & blueberry, original, cupcake, vanilla, chocolate cake, coffee, peppermint mocha, eggnog, vanilla-mint, gingerbread, sugar cookie & sugar plum.




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