We are considered Retail/ essential service. We are NOT a gathering or a loophole. Our markets have been approved (even after the announcement of going down to ORANGE). We have the approval from the Public Health Inspector and the Manitoba emergency Coordination Centre, Emergency Management Division. Masks/Face Shields will be mandatory.  Retail can operate at 50%. Our Friday night EarlyBird will operate at a 30% capacity and Saturday + Sunday at a 42% capacity. Both under the 50% restriction. 

New restrictions are put in place to help organizations and individuals that weren't already restricted to make the appropriate changes to be safe. 


The health and safety of our community, friends, and family is our #1 priority. We want to thank you for your patience as we have taken the time to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves so does our response.

 Please note that these policies can and will change as the COVID-19 crisis changes and/or improves. Check back here often for the latest updates.

We want to assure you that the health and safety of you, our makers, staff + family are our upmost importance. We have spent 9 weeks learning from our St Norbert Farmers’ Market + our Clear Lake market.  Our markets have been inspected + approved by Health, Food + LGA inspectors. 

Farmers markets / markets have been authorized to operate since Phase 2 of the Province of Manitoba Road to Recovery plan

We are following all guidelines and protocols set out by the Province. Please note * Farmers markets / Markets are NOT considered gatherings.* 

What you will find at our Markets: 

-  Hand sanitizing stations. Shoppers must sanitize before and after entering our markets. 

-  Masks for sale for $1 or bring your own. Masks are mandatory  as per the rules + protocols laid out by the province. 

  • Lines will be held as we limit the amount of shoppers allowed in. Please be patient.  

  • As a shopper please be aware of others and do your part in social distancing 

  • We will have signs up reminding you to distance. 

  • Do not crowd makers booths, kindly wait your turn and giving other shoppers space 

  • If you are sick, have symptoms, or been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID please stay home. If you have travelled outside approved areas and have not self isolated please stay home. 

We strongly advise shoppers not to come to a market if they are NOT comfortable with any of the aforementioned protocols.  We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all. If you are not comfortable with market settings, we encourage you to shop all our makers online, by purchasing from their online stores. 

We are committed to running safe markets. We will not do anything that is not approved or allowed. Every rule + safety measure set out by the Province will be followed. 


“ Went Saturday (Clear Lake) with my family, y’all Third+Bird  deserves a giant round of applause. They literally did such an awesome job of making everyone feel safe, fabulous organizational skills, this is what responsible social distancing looks like!!! Vendors were lovely, scored some awesome finds, great job guys!!!!” 


“Good morning! I  just wanted to send a note to tell you what a great job you did with the market at Clear Lake! I  will admit I  had some concerns prior to the market as far as crowd size etc. You handled it perfectly.  I felt very safe and comfortable shopping Saturday morning. My daughter and I  were the first customers out and we shared our experience with your team. I just wanted to say it again. In these very uncertain times I really appreciate the care and thought you put into your planning. Thanks so much for the great experience.” 


“It was 100% obvious that Third+Bird  had the vendors and patrons health and safety at the top of their priority list…. You guys did an outstanding job and I  wanted to say Thank You! It was an amazing weekend and I  enjoyed every second of it!! Can’t wait for next Aug long! "