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Saskatoon (Nov 11 + 12)
Winnipeg (Nov 17-19)

The highly anticipated Christmas Market is celebrating 15 years in the business and to add to this excitement we are returning to Saskatoon this November!

Be sure to read all the FAQ's below to learn more about each market before applying!



When and where are the markets? Winnipeg - November 17th - 19th, 2023 @ Red River Exhibition Place Saskatoon - November 11th + 12th @ TCU Place *the market will start in the afternoon in observance of Remembrance Day

What are the booth sizes and fees? Booth sizes range from 10ft x 5ft to 20ft x 10ft, including premium spots such as corners. The fees range from $475-$1575. Food Truck + CAFE spots range from $300-$425. The same options will be available for Saskatoon.

When is load IN/OUT? Winnipeg - Load IN is one day only, Thursday Nov 16th. Load OUT takes place immediately after the market on Sunday Nov 19th. Saskatoon - Load IN is one day only, Friday Nov 10th. Load OUT takes place immediately after the market on Sunday Nov 12th.

What are the payment and cancellation dates? Saskatoon Round 2: October 6 - Booth payment + contract due October 11 @ 5pm CDT - cancel and receive full refund. Any cancellations after October 11th will not receive a refund.

What is included in the booth fee? Your booth fee guarantees your chosen booth space. WIFI is also included in your booth fee. The fee also covers extensive marketing of your brand. We pride ourselves on our top-notch promotion of the market and our amazing vendors. We utilize many forms of traditional advertising and social media marketing to do so. Your company name, description, and a single photo will appear on our website – our shoppers LOVE this feature and will be checking you out so be sure to link to your own social media pages and put your best foot forward. Each and every maker will also be featured on our social media accounts through one of the following: stories, batching + singular posts.  Our social media team reserves the right to build our feed + choose photos for batching and single photos posts.  They may chose to use photos submitted or pull a photo from your feed (with permission).  We DO NOT provide tables or chairs. Electrical is an additional fee and is selected as an 'add on' at the time of booth purchase.

What is a CORNER booth? This booth type simply means your booth space will have an open side, allowing you extra space to service customers. A corner booth does not guarantee that you will be on an aisle that has cross traffic. Your corner booth could simply be at the end of a row or a break between booths.

What is a CAFE booth? The CAFE option is designated for makers making food on the spot, NOT selling pre-packaged food. 95% of CAFE sales come from 'made to order' sales from shoppers. The remaining 5% could be sales in drinks or sides.

Is there electrical? Red River Exhibition Place does provide electrical, however, it is limited and not every booth spot will have access. Electrical purchases will need to be made at the time of your booth purchase as an additional fee. Red River charges the following: 15amp - $65 55amp - $145 Electirical offerings for Saskatoon at TCU Place: 15amp - $70 if paid in advance of market, $75 if added the day of market + GST If you require a larger amp for food service, please connect with us.

What categories of vendors do you accept? Accessories (ex. scrunchies,  bags/purses) Art + Print + Stationery (ex. original art work, prints, calendars, journals) Baby + Kids Bath + Body (ex. lotion, soap, bath bombs, etc.) Candles Clothing (ex. sweaters, tshirts, underwear, etc.) Food + Drink Food Trucks Housewares (serving trays, decor, plant stands) Jewelry Makeup, Haircare, Beauty, Wellness Metal + Wood + Concrete Other Pet Pottery We do not accept applications selling vintage/antique items for re-sale such as furniture + clothing. Though we love this movement, this is a market showcasing independent designer’s work. * We reserve the right to ask you not to bring certain products due to over saturation.

What do I do if I have items still in production, not ready or photographed at the time of applications? If you have a collection that is not yet in production you may upload past photos (please show us ones you have not yet applied with in the past). However we do ask that you EMAIL us at right after you apply showing us your prototypes with a brief explanation so the jury knows what to fully accept.  Please put in subject line: COMPANY NAME + PROTOTYPE

Do I have to have a hand in the creation of the product? Yes! Vendors have to play a role in the overall design of the manufactured product.   We understand that not every piece used in the creation of a product will be originally designed by the vendor + we make allowance for assembly pieces. For example: zippers, jewelry clasps, chains, frames, clothing for screen print, etc.

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