Introducing a Slice of Summer Market!

Your summer shopping just got juicier!!! Come down to shop local talent, eat amazing food, have some bevies and enjoy the live muiscal talent!





Thursday, July 21st @ The St. Norbert Farmers' Market location

3pm - 9pm 

12pm - 2:30pm (you should be fully set up and ready to go for doors opening at 3pm!)



Will take place after the Market. 




Applications close Monday, June 6th at midnight.


Notifications will be sent Friday, June 10th.


You will hear from us either way, please check your junk mail folder and your ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ folder on Gmail.

PLEASE update and note that we have a NEW email address!

Please add to your safe list and contacts as our mass emails often get flagged as junk even after you put us on your safe list.  Please DELETE this email is NO LONGER active.

Kindly get in a habit of checking your junk folder so you don’t miss critical info.  

It is your responsibility to check all of your email folders on this date for notification and how to move forward if you are accepted. If you have not heard from us, then most likely our communications have gone to junk folders.




$150 + GST  + electrical if required (see below)

Booth size inside the tent is 10ft by 9ft.

There will also be booth spots outside of the tent. These will be 10ft x 10ft and makers will be responsible for their own coverings to protect themselves from the elements. 

*We reserve the right to create the floor plan, assigning makers to inside and outside of the tent as necessary based on the following criteria: timestamp, electrical needs, spacing of categories. Please know that you may be placed inside or outside. 

**** Please Note: You must fit your booth within your space. This means change rooms, extra storage, sand bags to hold your booth up etc. This all must fit within your allotted space. Setting up your booth at home is a wise idea, so you can avoid any hiccups or disappointments. 

Food Trucks

$150 + GST

Food Trucks will set up outside and not limited to the 10 by 9 as their trucks vary in size. Electrical will be provided for food trucks. 



Is limited inside the tent and will be reserved for makers who have perishable foods. You will find a section on the application to indicate if you wish to be considered for electrical. There is a $25 fee for electrical.




Friday, June 24th @5pm



June 20th @5pm - full fee retuned less at $25 admin fee. After the cut off time there will be no refunds issued.

Please note that due to the quick nature and turn around with this summer market, having makers cancel last minute does not allow for us to replace your spot with a new maker, especially during summer.  We are renting space from St. Norbert and staffing the venue. Running a market is a large expense. We thank you for understanding and at this time there will be no refunds for those who withdraw for any reason after the cut-off date. Please apply knowing that you are able to attend and have a plan B in-place if you fall ill or cannot attend for any other reason.



The fee guarantees your spot in the Slice of Summer Market with the square footage you were awarded (inside or outside) *please note electrical is only available inside the tent. *Food trucks can have access to electrical outside or use a generator.

The fee also covers marketing of a Slice of Summer.  We pride ourselves on our top-notch promotion of our markets and amazing vendors. We will also run and extensive paid marketing campaign.

NO TABLES OR CHAIRS are provided. Feel free to bring your own or get creative with your space. There is NO wifi either, so please come prepared to use your data. 

We do not expect your booths to look like a traditional Third+Bird set up. This is a 'farmers' market' style set up. We will encourage an aesthetically pleasing set up but we do not expect bells and whistles. This is a slimmed down market look. A backdrop wall is not required like our bigger Spring + Christmas markets. The floor is packed gravel.


We receive more applications than we can accept. Every application is juried by an unbiased panel. We have members of the BIMPOC + LGBTQIA2S+ community on our jury at all times.   All applications are reviewed and a decision is made based on several factors listed below.

Vendors who have participated in our previous sales are not automatically accepted. By putting everyone on the same playing field, we allow new artisans the opportunity to apply and get in. In the Spring 2022 market we accepted 35+ NEW makers! This keeps markets fresh, new and exciting for all to enjoy.

For more information on how we jury, please head to the jury information on our FAQ's page.




Creative + original ideas, independent design OR products crafted by you.


We do not accept applications selling vintage/antique items for re-sale such a furniture + clothing. Though we love this movement, this is a market showcasing independent designer’s work.


Your work is unique. You offer a well-diversified product line, or if you have one product, there are a variety of styles, colours, sizes and flavours.


Lack of similarity to products already in the marketplace. Show us that your work avoids saturated trends and does not copy current, popular maker’s product. We love to see new ideas and we want to see your individuality!


If you fall into a saturated category (currently: clothing brands, kids/baby, coffee, bath + body, bath + body, jewelry) you need to stand out above the rest.  


This could be through the quality, packaging, and uniqueness of your product or your display, branding, and social media accounts. Photo quality is closely looked at when tough decisions are needed to be made. We only accept a limited amount of each type of product. No maker holds a monopoly on any specific category.  We strive to have a fair and balanced variety of makers for each category of goods + offerings.

A cohesive product offering – if you sell a variety of categories, do they all fit within a theme that ties them together


Please be conscious of recycling photos. We want to see that you are pushing yourself, evolving your product and or photos + keeping things fresh. We do not require you to have paid photoshoots for your application submission. Phones and free editing apps have come a long way!

Applications must include clear information about your products and if part of your product is out-sourced. All out-sourced products must be ethically produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence of this in your application if applicable. If this space is left blank or not properly filled out, this could hurt your application. We will not follow up with you, so please be sure you have filled this out properly. All information is held in the strictest confidence and deleted after applications are juried.




Vendors are allowed to have product manufactured by a 3rd party, but they MUST fall under the following guidelines:


  • Vendors have to play a role in the original design of the manufactured product. It cannot be “stock” product that the manufacturer designs + sells. For example:  A jewelry vendor MAY contract a company to manufacture a necklace, but the pendant is a design original to that vendor.

  • We understand that not every piece used in the creation of a product will be originally designed by the vendor + we make allowance for assembly pieces. For example: zippers, jewelry clasps, chains, frames, votive candles, clothing for screen print etc.





Our application system will allow you to submit THREE photos. These must be SINGLE-PHOTO images, not collages. Please do not submit photos with any watermarks or logos, they will not be considered and disqualify your application.  Also, PLEASE LOOK AT OUR INSTAGRAM for photo inspiration for product photos and flat lays. This is the quality and professionalism we are looking for.

Please do not upload photos of product that you will not be selling, or will be out of stock!

Photos submitted can and will be used on social media, in addition to our team using a photo posted to your social media (with permission) Third + Bird newsletters and website. Only submit photos of product that will be for sale at the Market.

ONLY submit photos you have full rights too. We will NOT be giving photo credits.

By applying, you’ll be added to our email newsletter .



  • Check write up for spelling mistakes.

  • Upload social media links correctly. Please check that they work. AGAIN please TRIPLE check that they work! We see countless mistakes when it comes to your social links. Shockingly high amounts! The jury relies on these links and if they can’t see them, it’s a huge disadvantage for your acceptance.

  • Triple check your email address is entered correctly, this is a VERY common error we see and you may not receive our notifications if so.

  • Use high quality, SQUARE, under 1MB photos showcasing your product in the best way.

  • Check out Third+Bird Instagram + Pinterest pages for photo / maker inspiration.

  • Out of respect to us + your fellow makers DO NOT apply if you have not secured a plan B in case you can not make the market. Do not apply to this market if you do not have someone confirmed who can work your booth for you for the entire day in the event that you can not work it yourself.  It’s not fair to your fellow makers on the wait list to have you cancel just before the market due to not having a back up plan.


We want to make it very clear that this is not an easy process. We are so appreciative of the ever growing interest in our Third + Bird Markets. If we could wave a magic wand and have all of you in, we would. If you do not get in, please know that it’s not a personal thing against you or your product, we VALUE you as an artisan. 

Thank you all again for your interest in Third + Bird. We are humbled to have the opportunity to support so many amazing artisans. 



Third+Bird  Team