We fully respect and understand that everyone is at different levels of comfort with COVID.  The Spring Market is a space for the community to come support Manitoba makers. Now more than ever in 2022, we want to give a space for shoppers to choose local, save small businesses and for you to connect with your customers! 

We are proud to say that all of our 2020/20201 markets in Winnipeg, farmers’ markets at the St. Norbert location and our summer market at Clear Lake have NOT been linked to a single COVID case. We have passed every inspection with flying colours, with no tickets or warnings issued.

We work hand in hand with local health inspectors and are actively monitored by 3 government entities including: Manitoba Health, the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LCGA), and Manitoba COVID Enforcement Officers. Markets are considered retail and these are the rules that we abide by according to government of MB.

We continue to strive and have our markets operate this way. The health and safety of you, your family, makers and our staff are our top priority! For this market, we are only accepting MB based makers.


Third+Bird is continuing to move forward with hope and anticipation that we can help rebuild small businesses giving you opportunities to connect with shoppers in safe and meaningful ways and keep small businesses alive. 

There is ZERO judgement if we do not see your application. 

There is ZERO judgement for you doing what is best for your company + family. 

We ask that you do the same for those who choose to participate in a market. Give grace for all. Grace for those who choose to participate and those who don't. Everyone is doing what they feel is best for them, their families and the community. 

We are all adjusting + pivoting together. We all are making decisions in love + respect and it's important that we show it for both sides. We need to come together, not divide, or cancel each other and post hurtful / damaging comments on the internet.

The maker community was built on love, acceptance and support. We continue to stand by those virtues. 


  • You are not a MB based maker

  • You are not comfortable with the current rules for markets/retail

  • You are not comfortable with shoppers interacting with your product

  • You are not comfortable with the current rules + protocols laid out by the Province of MB

  • You are not comfortable being around larger numbers of shoppers / makers 

  • If you are caring for anyone that you feel would be at risk by you being at a market

  • You do not have someone to work your booth if you get sick or have come into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. Having someone to work your booth as a back up is vital. Please do NOT apply if you do not have a solid plan B in place! It’s extremely discouraging for makers to be on a wait list and see makers drop out just before a market, giving them no time to prep and take their spot. 


  • You are comfortable with the governments current rules for markets/retail

  • Will follow all the rules and guidelines laid out by the Province and Third+Bird  

  • You are comfortable with shoppers interacting with your product and being around larger numbers of people

  • You understand that COVID is fluid and plans, rules and ability to operate can change at a moments notice 

By clicking 'Accept', you acknowledge that you have read and accept the COVID-19 disclaimer and will adhere to the guidelines provided.