Welcome to 2022 a fresh new year of market season goodness!


Thank you for your interest in being a maker at the 2022 Spring Market. We love seeing new + familiar faces. In 2021 we welcomed over 80 new faces throughout the market season. This keeps things fresh and exciting and also gives new makers a chance to participate.

At Third+Bird we are champions of makers, giving a spotlight to small businesses who are pushing the independent makers industry through modern design, fresh ideas + creative branding.

Since March of 2020, when the world did a 180 turn, we have been working hard to create a space for makers to connect with shoppers in a safe and meaningful way. Our markets have adapted + changed in some areas and we feel, for the better.

We work hand in hand with local health inspectors and are actively monitored by 3 government entities, including Manitoba Health; the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LCGA); and Manitoba COVID Enforcement Officers.

We are proud to say that all of our markets for the past 2 years in Winnipeg, farmers’ markets at the St. Norbert location and our summer market at Clear Lake have NOT been linked to a single COVID case. We have passed every inspection with flying colours, with no tickets or warnings issued.

We continue to strive and have our markets operate this way. The health and safety of you, your family, makers and our staff are our top priority.  At this time we are only accepting Manitoba based makers. We can’t wait until we can have our Canadian makers join us again from across the country. 


We look forward to seeing your application.


Chandra Kremski

Founder of Third+Bird Markets 


I understand that climate is ever changing. We will be working towards a spring market and working within the rules laid out by the Province. If we can not produce a spring market due to limitations with COVID / Health + Safety, and forced to cancel the market full refunds will be issued.



Please read the information below before continuing on to the application. Due to COVID, we have new changes and updated info. Please take your time and read this thoroughly. We want you to be fully informed. We will not personally respond or answer any questions that are addressed here. Thank you for respecting this!





@ The Red River Exhibition Place (not to be confused with the Downs)

April 22  // 3pm - 9:45pm

April 23  //  9am - 7:45pm

April 24  //  10am - 4:30pm


We will be loading in April 21st - One day only! // Times TBA



Will take place immediately after the Market on:

Sun April 24th // One day only! // Times TBA




Applications close Saturday, January 22nd @ 5:00PM CST

  • No exceptions for late applications



Notifications will be sent the week of February 14th, 2022.

You will hear from us either way, please check your junk mail folder and your ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ folder on Gmail.

Please add hello@thirdandbird.com to your safe list and contacts as our mass emails often get flagged as junk even after you put us on your safe list.  Please DELETE hello@thirdandbirdevents.com this email is NO LONGER active.

Kindly get in a habit of checking your junk folder so you don’t miss critical info.  


Booth Size
$300 + GST
5ft x 20ft
$850 + GST
5ft x 20ft CORNER
$1050 + GST
Food Truck
$300 + GST
10ft x 10ft CORNER with STORAGE
$950 + GST
10ft x 10ft with STORAGE
$850 + GST
20ft wide x 10ft deep CORNER
$1,500 + GST
20ft wide x 10ft deep
$1,300 + GST
10ft x 10ft CORNER
$750 + GST
10ft x 10ft
$650 + GST
10ft wide x 5ft deep CORNER
$525 + GST
10ft wide x 5ft deep
$425 + GST

**** Please Note: You must fit your booth within your space. This means change rooms, extra storage, sand bags to hold your booth up etc. This all must fit within your allotted space. Setting up your booth at home is a wise idea, so you can avoid any hiccups or disappointments. 


10x10 booth with storage

This booth features an extra 10 ft wide x 5 ft deep storage space behind your 10x10 booth. It is simply extra space, no side walls/dividers are provided. This does not allow you to build a 10x15 spot. You will still be required to work your booth within a 10x10 space with the ‘hidden’ 5x10 storage in the back.


For vendors who do not pay for extra storage (storage only for 10x10 booth sizes) there will be an unattended storage area free of charge, but you will need to walk to access this space. Third+Bird and Third+Bird  staff will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged product. 


Corner spots and 10x20 booths are extremely limited, these will be first come first serve, based on date of application + time stamp.




Red River Place provides electrical. Every single maker can have access to it if they wish… YAY! They do however charge the following fees:

$55 per 15 amp

$95 per 50 amp

Red River acquires 100% of the electrical fees. Upon acceptance, you will need to pay for electrical the same time as you pay for your booth. *Electrical fees are subject to change*. 

**PLEASE note, we will NOT be dimming the lights. They will all be on for a more inviting shopping atmosphere, just like you have experienced in our previous shows. 




February 18th @ 5:00pm  CST 



March 4th @ 5:00pm CST 

We understand that ‘life happens’ If you need to remove yourself from the market, refunds for your spot will take place up until March 4th, less a $50 administration fee. After March 4th there will be no refunds given.

Booth selection + payment: Upon your acceptance you will be provided with a date and time where you can login to our vendor platform to select and pay for your booth and/or electrical at the time.  It will be a first come, first served process. Once a certain booth size is sold out it is no longer available and you will have to select another option.

* If you are late to the game and are left with a booth size you really do not want you may withdraw your application. This will not be noted on your file or negatively impact your acceptance into future markets. 






Art + Print + Stationery

Baby + Kids


Food + Drink

Food Trucks - We will be accepting a limited amount of food truck vendors this year. Acceptance is based on space and electrical needs. Please note that Red River charges $100 electrical fees for FOOD TRUCKS  this will be an additional cost to your booth fee. 



Bath + Body



Metal + Wood

If you sell multiple products it’s not a ‘bad’ thing, but it can be hard to categorize you during the jury process. We may accept your application based on a certain product you offer. For example, if you sell jewelry + candles, we may only accept you as a jewelry maker due to the high saturation of candles. We reserve the right to ask you not to bring certain products due to over saturation. 

due to over saturation. 



The fee guarantees your spot in the Third + Bird Spring Market with the booth size you select online.

WIFI is included in the booth fee. Red River Place provides this to the best of their abilities. We encourage you to have a back up plan with your data for the weekend. Processing companies, such as Square, also allow for transactions offline.

The fee also covers extensive marketing of your brand. We pride ourselves on our top-notch promotion of the market and our amazing vendors. We utilize many forms of traditional advertising and social media marketing to do so. Your company name, description, and a single photo will appear on our website – our shoppers LOVE this feature and will be checking you out so be sure to link to your own social media pages and put your best foot forward. Each and every maker will also be featured on our social media accounts through batching + singular posts.  Our social media team reserves the right to build our feed + choose photos for batching and single photos posts.  They may chose to use photos submitted or pull a photo from your feed (with permission). 

NO TABLES OR CHAIRS are provided. Feel free to bring your own or get creative with your space.


We receive more applications than we can accept. Every application is juried by an unbiased panel. We have members of the BIMPOC + LGBTQIA2S+ community on our jury at all times.   All applications are reviewed and a decision is made based on several factors listed below. Vendors who have participated in our previous sales are not automatically accepted. By putting everyone on the same playing field, we allow new artisans the opportunity to apply and get in.


In the CHRISTMAS 2021 market we accepted over 35 NEW makers! This keeps the market fresh, new and exciting for all to enjoy.

Please note that due to COVID we may not have our regular 150 spots. We will put in as many makers as we safely can, however spots will likely be reduced to roughly two thirds of our normal capacity (unless COVID restrictions change).  Also please keep in mind that the city can change their mind and a market can be cancelled at a snap of a finger. Full refunds will be given if a market is forced to cancel.

I can’t stress this enough…. There will be some of you who have been with us for years that may not get in. It’s not because you have done anything wrong, it’s simply lack of space with the new rules / COVID and having a balance of giving NEW makers a shot too. If you do not get in, please know that this isn’t personal to you or your craft. The jury process will not be easy.

For more information on how we jury, please head to the jury information on our FAQ page.






Creative + original ideas, independent design OR products crafted by you.

We do not accept applications selling vintage/antique items for re-sale such as furniture + clothing. Though we love this movement, this is a market showcasing independent designer’s work.

Your work is unique. You offer a well-diversified product line, or if you have one product, there are a variety of styles, colours, sizes and flavours.

Lack of similarity to products already in the marketplace. Show us that your work avoids saturated trends and does not copy current, popular maker’s products. We love to see new ideas and we want to see your individuality!

If you fall into a saturated category (currently: clothing brands, kids/baby, beard oil, knitting, calligraphy, bath + body, jewelry + pottery) you need to stand out above the rest.  

How do you stand out? This could be through the quality, packaging, and uniqueness of your product or your display, branding, and social media accounts. Photo quality is closely looked at when tough decisions are needed to be made. We only accept a limited amount of each type of product.


A cohesive product offering – if you sell a variety of categories, do they all fit within a theme that ties them together?

Booth display ties into your overall brand + aesthetic. Jury does look at booth photos from markets past (returning) and designs (new markers).

We look  to see if you have participated with us in our smaller pop ups and farmers markets.


Returning makers, please be conscious of recycling photos. We want to see that you are pushing yourself, evolving your product and or photos + keeping things fresh. We do not require you to have paid photoshoots for your application submission. Phones and free editing apps have come a long way!*** UPDATE due to COVID we understand that photoshoots are limited / not allowed at times. We will accept recycled photos at this time***

Applications must include clear information about your products and if part of your product is out-sourced. All out-sourced products must be ethically produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence of this in your application if applicable. If this space is left blank or not properly filled out, this could hurt your application. We will not follow up with you, so please be sure you have filled this out properly. All information is held in the strictest confidence and deleted after applications are juried.

***IMPORTANT *** If you have a collection that is not yet in production you may upload past photos (please show us ones you have not yet applied with in the past). However we do ask that you EMAIL us at hello@thirdandbird.com right after you apply showing us your prototypes with a brief explanation so the jury knows what to fully accept.  Please put in subject line: COMPANY NAME + SPRING PROTOTYPE




Vendors are allowed to have product manufactured by a 3rd party, but they MUST fall under the following guidelines:


  • Vendors have to play a role in the original design of the manufactured product. It cannot be “stock” product that the manufacturer designs + sells. For example:  A jewelry vendor MAY contract a company to manufacture a necklace, but the pendant is a design original to that vendor.

  • We understand that not every piece used in the creation of a product will be originally designed by the vendor + we make allowance for assembly pieces. For example: zippers, jewelry clasps, chains, frames, votive candles, clothing for screen print etc.





If you are a NEW vendor to Third + Bird, please email us a photo or drawn mockup of your display SEPARATELY. Do not upload a photo of your booth to this application. In the subject title please put: YOUR COMPANY NAME - Booth Display


Returning makers, if you have made significant changes to your booth, please email us with an update. We have records of all your booths and what they look like.


We understand your vision can evolve and adjustments may occur after acceptance into the market. That's ok, just keep us in the loop! Take a look at our Pinterest page for photos of vendors displays that have "set the bar" and have what Third + Bird is looking for.






Our application system will allow you to submit SIX photos. These must be SINGLE-PHOTO images, not collages. Please do not submit photos with any watermarks or logos, they will not be considered and disqualify your application.  Also, PLEASE LOOK AT OUR INSTAGRAM for photo inspiration for product photos and flat lays. This is the quality and professionalism we are looking for.

Please do not upload photos of product that you will not be selling, or will be out of stock!

Photos submitted can and will be used on social media, in addition to our team using a photo posted to your social media (with permission) Third + Bird newsletters and website. Only submit photos of product that will be for sale at the Market.

ONLY submit photos you have full rights too. We will NOT be giving photo credits.

By applying, you’ll be added to our email newsletter .




All accepted vendors are expected to contribute an item/items or gift certificate worth approximately $25 to the silent auction – ALL proceeds of the auction support our Full Circle program. Tax receipts will be provided upon request at the end of 2021, please email us in December 2021 to be added to this list.



Check write up for spelling mistakes


Uploaded social media links correctly. Please check that they work. AGAIN please TRIPLE check that they work! We see countless mistakes when it comes to your social links. Shockingly high amounts! The jury relies on these links and if they can’t see them, it’s a huge disadvantage for your acceptance.


Triple check your email address is entered correctly, this is a VERY common error we see too + you may not receive our notifications if so.


Used high quality, SQUARE, under 1MB photos showcasing your product in the best way


Selected the correct booth size (note that booth sizes can and will likely change)


Check out Third+Bird Instagram + Pinterest pages for photo / maker inspiration.


Out of respect to us + your fellow makers DO NOT apply if have not secured a plan B secured in case you can not make the market. Please do not apply to this market if you do not have someone confirmed who can work your booth for you for the entire weekend in the event that you can not work it yourself.  It’s not fair to your fellow makers on the wait list to have you cancel just before the market due to not having a back up plan.


  You are applying because you are comfortable with the current state of our city rules + mandates and with the above statements of Third+Bird. You are comfortable with Third+Bird  market plans.  DO NOT apply if you have concerns.

There are many makers out there who would love an opportunity to participate in a Third+Bird  market. Please be considerate towards your fellow small business owners who are comfortable participating in markets. Do not apply if you do not feel confident in participating in a market.


We work hand in hand with local health inspectors and are actively monitored by 3 government entities, including Manitoba Health; the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LCGA); and Manitoba COVID Enforcement Officers.

We produce all of our markets with the health and safety of our community as our first priority. We follow all local and provincial rules + recommendations that are laid out for retail. In 2020 we spent months creating a new shopping experience for the safety of everyone. We created time shopping blocks and rolled it out in Fall 2020. We are proud to say that many markets within the province and across Canada have followed our market plan in order to successfully host their own markets.

Shopping blocks allow us to effectively manage numbers and reduce crowds. Shoppers show up at their designated time, eliminating standing in line for long periods of time. Coupled with our online ticketing and scanning, it gives us pin point accuracy with contact tracing, and which shopping pods shoppers were with. We use the shopping block method for our bigger Spring and Fall markets.

We are proud to say that all of our markets for the past 2 years in Winnipeg, farmers’ markets at the St. Norbert location and our summer market at Clear Lake have NOT been linked to a single COVID case. We have passed every inspection with flying colours, with no tickets or warnings issued. 

We continue to strive and have our markets operate this way. The health and safety of you, your family, makers and our staff are our top priority! 


In effort to reduce line ups and keep our numbers within the current rules, we are selling tickets for timed shopping blocks. For example, someone can buy a ticket for a 9-11am shopping time slot. Once that group’s times slot is over, those shoppers will be asked to leave and the next cohort of shoppers who bought the next time block 11-1pm will come in etc. 

We will be extending the hours to accommodate all the shoppers and the shopping blocks.

Please prepare yourself for longer market days. This is the only way we can accommodate all the shoppers while maintaining safe numbers. Get your comfortable shoes on + pack lots of energy bars! 


We want to make it very clear that this is not an easy process. We are so appreciative of the ever growing interest in our Third + Bird Markets. If we could wave a magic wand and accept all of you, we would. If you do not get in, please know that it’s not a personal thing against you or your product, we VALUE you as an artisan. 

Making decisions + plans in COVID is like making decisions in quick sand. There is never ‘sure’ footing. You can plan for one thing and the next day that plan no longer can work. We ask for you to give us all your grace + understanding. Things will change, possibly many times. One thing that will stay the same is our commitment to safety and giving a spotlight to Canadian makers. 

Thank you all again for your interest in Third + Bird. We are humbled to have the opportunity to support so many amazing artisans across Canada. 


Chandra Kremski