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Emerson's Playroom

Emerson’s Playroom is dedicated to designing rich play opportunities to enhance imagination and creativity. We are a mother-daughter duo with a common love for home decor, education and grandson/son, Emerson. We design and curate our products with safety as a main consideration.


Wooden toys (pegdolls, bowling, counting ladybugs, eggs, vehicles, boats), Stuffed Whales, Tooth Pocket Pillows (monsters, dinos, bunnies), Crowns & Wands, Stuffed Playseries (UFO, Rocketship, Lighthouse, Highrise), Crinkles (Dino, Bear, Bunny), Loveys (Bunny & Bear), Sensory Prisms, Fabric Roads, House Bags, Animal Poufs, Doodle Puppets, Imagine a Story (like doodle puppets but themed)




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