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Wildflower Colour + Clay

Jessica Rachelle Fox produces pottery out of Winkler Manitoba under the name Wildflower Colour + Clay. As a former barista and waitress with a long interest in cooking and hosting, it is only natural that her ceramics would focus on these activities where people come together over food and drink. It’s her vision to see her mugs inspire people as they take a moment to breathe and dream, to see a collection of her plates amplify the beauty of a family enjoying a meal, and to see her tumblers add to the refreshment of friends sharing a drink. There is significance in these ordinary moments and Jessica wants her pottery to add to their depth and beauty.

It is important that her designs connect with the customer and their community. Her dinnerware designs are practical and fit into any modern or traditional home. Her pieces use refreshing, light, and airy tones and can be easily mixed and matched with each other. Her thoughtful attention to the details about how people will touch and see her pieces ensure each one is beautiful and comfortable to use.


Bowls, Butter Dishes, Candle Holders, Coffee Pour Overs, Mugs, Planters, Ring Holders, Soap Dishes, Tumblers, Vases




Wildflower Colour + Clay
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