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Westside Wings & Sauces

We are a small premium craft sauce maker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We pride ourselves in making the best sauce around. We use no artificial ingredients, flavouring or fillers. We just make good sauce! We started from making the sauce in our restaurants then when the pandemic came instead of laying of kitchen staff we decided to bottle our homemade sauces. The rest is history!


Westside Sauce - Honey Garlic
Westside Sauce - Hot Honey
Westside Sauce - Sweet Chili
Westside Sauce - Korean BBQ
Westside Sauce - Peanut Thai
Westside Sauce - Caribbean Jerk
Westside Sauce - Screamin' Hot
Westside Wings - Naked
Westside Wings - Breaded
Westside Sauce - Limited Edition




Westside Wings & Sauces
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