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Von Slick's Inc.

Von Slick's Finishing Touch - Made with Real Butter. Our product line features six different flavours two. From sweet to savoury, Von Slick's has a flavour to match practically any dish. We market it as a very "foodie" condiment for the everyday. Finishing butter aka compound butter is widely used around the world in fine dining restaurants to compliment high quality cuts of meat, pasta dishes, seafood, rich desserts with the list going on and on. From our research, we noticed a gap in the retail market regarding compound butters and developed our concept. What sets our product apart is the unique packaging, an eco-friendly paper push tube which allows for restaurant style presentation shape. The quality of ingredients and bold flavours create an irresistible and iconic flavour. We market our tubes of finishing butter frozen which extends the life of the product without compromising quality. Both retailers and customers appreciate this as there is no rush to use up a high quality product that is filled with real ingredients.


We will be selling our 6 unique flavours of finishing butter!




Von Slick's Inc.
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