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Toasti Bean Ltd

Two best friends on a mission to add joy to your daily ritual, one cup of gourmet flavour-infused coffee at a time.

Toasti Bean is not your average coffee. One sip will change everything you ever thought about "flavoured" coffee. We know, flavoured coffee traditionally gets a bad rap for being made with low-quality, tasteless beans and hosting overpowering flavours. That’s why we set out to create tasty blends using high-quality, women produced beans featuring subtle and unique flavour profiles.

Our coffees contain nothing but flavouring, extracts, spices and hand-made love so you can fix it up as a simple cup of black coffee or a frothy latte with extra caramel drizzle. Either way, you are in control of the sugar and calories you put in your cup when you brew yourself a Toasti Bean coffee.

Give way to your indulgences and enjoy our original fan favourite, Caramel Stickybun flavoured coffee. If you’re feeling adventurous try our wildly popular Blueberry Pancakes or Canadian classic Pecan Butter Tart.

Toasti Bean is proud to support women coffee producers and small holder coffee farmers by importing Arabica coffee beans sourced from all-women producer groups and co-operatives. Women in agriculture in traditionally gender-imbalanced communities are positively impacted by each sip, cup and pot of our coffee. As a women owned company, Toasti Bean strives to empower women everywhere.


Flavour-infused coffee:
- Caramel Stickybun
- Blueberry Pancakes
- Vanilla Sprinkle
- Irish Cream Truffle
- Mint Chip
- Coffee Colada
- Red Velvet Cake
- Pecan Butter Tart
- Eggnog
- Apple Crisp Macchiato
- Imperial Cookie

Coffee accessories
- Bodum French presses (small and large)
- Bodum travel mugs




Toasti Bean Ltd
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