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The Darling Dough Company

At The Darling Dough Company, we believe that little hands can do amazing things; which is why it matters what we put into them! 

As a Manitoba made play dough company, we look to our beautiful prairies and the bounty provided by nature to safely and sustainably produce our play dough.  This means that nothing synthetic touches our products, and that we use only the safest and most natural of ingredients; NO artificial fragrance and NO artificial dyes.  Instead, we use the rainbow Mother Nature intended... using plants, seeds, roots and flowers to naturally and sustainably colour our play doughs.  And to lightly scent our doughs, we use only ethically sourced, pure essential oils and the occasional natural plant based extract.

Sustainably coloured, scented and packaged, our play dough is good for the Earth, and good for your Little Darlings!


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The Darling Dough Company
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