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Stone City Coffee Roasters

Our love for freshly roasted specialty coffee began many years ago while visiting family in California that owns a roastery. We would sip freshly roasted coffee every day knowing it was something special. We would bring the beans home and serve their coffee to our friends, we would always hear, the best coffee we have ever had! And we began to dream.

What started as a dream turned into reality in 2019 when the planning began for us to start roasting specialty coffee. We received our final inspection on March 9th, 2020 and had no idea 10 days later the whole world would shut down. No daycare, no school and we had to pivot. We began offering free home deliveries and our 10-year-old son earned 10 cents per delivery. We pivoted, we didn’t give up. By Jan 2021 both my husband and I had quit our jobs of 20+ years of service and were full-time roasting coffee.

Our hand-crafted, small-batch approach is what makes our relationship with our coffee unique. Our method ensures the beans are roasted to perfection, which inevitably results in an exquisitely smooth cup of coffee, bursting with flavor, every time. Our purpose is to create belonging within the community- through coffee. Why coffee? A really good cup of coffee is often shared and it brings people together. And when it’s not it’s a moment to reflect, to think about the world and our role in it. We want you to feel seen, heard and valued. To feel welcome and accepted. To belong. We are passionate about people and awesome coffee!

Our freshly roasted 100% Arabica specialty coffee is now available all across Manitoba.


Coffee Bean/Ground
Candle-1 Scent
Chemex filters
Brewing coffee with espresso machine/ drip coffee ( if needed)




Stone City Coffee Roasters
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