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SoulDeo Naturals

Hey, I’m Susie, the natural ingredient loving gal from the Prairies.

SoulDeo began as a creative outlet and quickly turned into a passion I wanted to share with others.

Working in the natural beauty industry for years gave me a familiarity with ingredients that were great for your skin and offered benefits I knew would be perfect for a deodorant product. Taking those ingredients and creating a vegan deodorant I loved was an organic progression from there.

Our natural deodorant is made with a dedication to create something that leaves you feeling confident & empowered to take on any day! In talking with our customers, their concerns were in finding products they could that were safe, organic and clean…which formed the next part of our story.

From there, SoulDeo grew into a company based on clean products that I am proud to share with you.


natural deodorant, dry shampoo, shower mist, body cream, bath + shave oil, hopefully launching a new product for spring!




SoulDeo Naturals
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