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Rattle Rebel Clothing

Rattle Rebel Clothing started when I struggled to find any really awesome baby gifts for some really awesome new parents in my life. Something that reflected their identity too- something for the punks, the rockers, the metalheads in my life...

So I made it myself! I scour secondhand shops to find the best preloved shirts just like we used to scour the malls for the best band tees available (Am I dating myself? Definitely- but it's worth it). I make a point to try to find unique fabrics that most people wouldn't think to use for baby clothes- and I never make the same outfit in the same size twice so each one is 100% unique.

I am very lucky to have a mom who works with me! We keep a focus on 'Grow With Me' style sizing which allows each item's size to be adjusted over time as the wearer grows. Long term wear = good for your wallet AND good for the environment!


Upcycled rompers, hoodies, and cardigans
Logo t-shirts and onesies
Hats and bibs
Sleep sacks (tentatively)




Rattle Rebel Clothing
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