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Prairie Proud

Prairie Proud can be summed up as Wear the Pride. Invest in the Prairies.

We are committed to providing current & former prairie residents the opportunity to wear their pride in quality casual wear while investing back into the heart of the prairies through charity contributions.

Cole Thorpe, founder & designer of Prairie Proud, started in his spare bedroom 8 years ago and to date the company has contributed $77,000 + counting to prairie-based charities & initiatives across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Thorpe was born & raised in the small community of Spy Hill, SK which is located near the SK / MB border and is proudly the 4th generation in his family to grow up on the prairies.


Our product line celebrates the prairie provinces in casual apparel & accessories. Apparel will feature Kids, Ladies, Unisex, and Mens sizing ranging from XS to 3XL

Accessories are items such as hats, toques, socks, and mugs




Prairie Proud
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