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Growing up on Vancouver Island, Marria has always had a heart to reduce, reuse and recycle. Initially, her motivation to learn to sew was to make her own doll clothes. That love of sewing grew as she studied pattern design, dress making, and tailoring. All that remained a passion over the years. In 2019, Marria decided to turn that side-gig into a full-time job. Bringing together her eco-warrior heart, and her capabilities as a sewist, along with her education in business management, she started Practical Homestead in 2019. At first it was an Etsy shop, but branched out to farmers markets and into retail stores by the Fall of that same year. Demand grew, and Marria knew she would have to scale up and adapt. Since that time, Practical Homestead has adopted many stockists. In 2023, Practical Homestead is moving away from Etsy. Their next adventure is their own commerce enabled and secure website. Practical Homestead is going to expand its Stockist list, and market presence outside of Manitoba in 2023.

Practical Homestead has a small team of helpers who all work part-time while juggling school, work, and parenting small children. Marria knows that many businesses outsource this work, but she believes there is a better way. One that builds our local economy and provides jobs for those who would have a difficult time finding them elsewhere.

Practical Homestead's product line is all handmade in Winnipeg. They provide reusable solutions to reduce waste in the home. The core products are the container covers. These are made with a food-safe, and waterproof lining. It is fridge, freezer, washer & dryer safe! Imagine not using plastic wrap to cover a watermelon, wooden salad bowl, Kitchaide bowl, pie plate, soup bowl, or a pet food can. Practical Homestead's top seller is the Cheese Wrap. Wrapped around an open block of cheese preventing drying out and mold growth. Other products in the line are snack & sandwich wraps, bread bags, produce bags, unpaper towels, unsponges, Swedish dishcloths, cosmetic wipes & soap saver/scrubber bags.

Thank you, for supporting handmade at home products that reduce plastic waste while being practical!


Reusable; container covers, cheese wrap, bread bags, sandwich wraps, snack bags, veggie guard, produce bags, tea bags, swedish dishcloths, unpaper towels, unsponges, napkins, bamboo cutlery, cosmetic wipes, soap saver/scrub bags




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