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Long Live Tattoos

We are Michele & Kate, a mother/daughter duo from Winkler, MB. Together, we launched Long Live Tattoos in the Fall of 2022, an e-commerce business based out of our home in Winkler. Kate is currently a tattoo artist in Saskatoon where she had an apprenticeship and has become a sought-after tattoo artist specializing in fine-line, traditional, and floral pieces. Michele owns Zara's Garden, a greenhouse/wedding venue in Winkler. Our desire as a women-led, Canadian small business, is to be kind, inclusive, accessible, socially aware and sustainable. We look forward to getting our products known to Canadians through online presence, collaborating with other small business, and attending local markets.

Inspired by the idea that tattoos are living, breathing art collections, we took up the challenge to create a better, all-natural way to do tattoo care. Working together with a microbiologist/cosmetic chemist to get it right, our first goal was to give fresh ink its best shot at a good heal, using breathable ingredients to soothe and naturally promote skin regeneration. Second was to create a product to naturally infuse well-worn tattoos with new life using nutrient-rich ingredients that revitalize, reduce fade and extend ink vibrancy. Each ingredient was thoughtfully chosen for a specific and beneficial purpose. The results of our testing and trials over the course of a year with artists and clients came back 100% positive. We are confident and so proud to share these beneficial and luxurious products.

All of our products are 100% natural, toxin-free, synthetic fragrance-free, gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade, ethically sourced, and manufactured locally here in Manitoba.

Long Live Tattoos exists to protect and preserve living art, but in the end, we care about so much more and that’s the purpose behind our Ink4Good initiative. With our sales, we support LiveDifferent – a great Canadian organization based here in Manitoba, helping young girls in Haiti who were victims of human trafficking and abuse to become survivors. We are so pleased to bring awareness to helping those young girls survive and thrive.


1. 25toLife - (tattoo lotion) Use 25 days on a fresh tattoo to achieve a good heal, and use for a lifetime of health & vibrancy on well-worn tattoos.
2. Amplify - (tattoo oil) For vibrant blacks and radiant colours.
3. Defend/Revive - (tattoo soap set) One part is naturally antibacterial for new tattoos; the other part is gently exfoliating for well-worn tattoos.
4. Gift sets of the above 3 products.
5. Merch: shot glasses, t-shirts, water bottles (only a small sampling of these will be on display




Long Live Tattoos
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