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Life's Ruff Paw Pleasing Treats

Life's Ruff Paw Pleasing Treats was born out of the necessity to feed our pups the best treats possible. Owners Joan and Roxanne were challenged with finding healthy and nutritious treats that their fur babies would enjoy. With the help of their veterinarian and other industry experts, ingredients and recipes were reviewed, selected and perfected based on nutrients and nonallergenic qualities and our course taste tested by their pups and their furry friends. Everyone deserves a treat now and then and we wanted to provide healthy options for you and your pups.


Dog Treats:
A variety of Biscuits, Poodle fries, Confetti, Waffles, Biscotti, Crack, Birthday cookies, a new selection of Bougie Biscuits and artwork to match




Life's Ruff Paw Pleasing Treats
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