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Leilani Candle Co

A candle made for you. Luxury, quality candles, at accessible prices.


Succulent Candle - 8 oz + 16 oz (updated photos of succulent candle with new labels to come)
Rose Candle - 8 oz (see prototype)
Three Flower Candle - 4 oz (see prototype)
'Culture Collection' Candles
- includes chai, boba, lychee, matcha, mango lassi, ube
Gold Tin Bridesmaid Box Candles (see prototype)
Spring Scents
- ginger bonsai, rose, vanilla cashmere, oud wood, satsuma orange, watermelon lemonade, pink sangria, mahogany teakwood
Various vessels for all scents (gold tin, rose gold tin, black tin, black glass, blush glass, tan glass)




Leilani Candle Co
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