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Joelle Nadine Studio

It all begins with a dream.
This shop was just a dream for many years! Sometimes one needs a bigger push to gain the courage to start your own business. My business grew from a place of heartache but it was exactly the push I needed! Life is hard, we face obstacles and challenges every day and my story has been no exception. After experiencing much heartbreak and loss, I decided to leave my job as an Art Educator and pursue a career more aligned with what I really needed in this life.

In seeking healing and manifesting a more peaceful existence, I came to realize that one's environment has a huge influence on both our emotions and abilities.

Each painting in the shop is painted by exploring and sensing colour palettes that are conducive to creating emotion and reflection. My minimalist artwork has largely been created as a response to people’s stories, both the challenges and the heartaches as well as the joyful moments and celebrations but also as a means of bringing peace and harmonized aesthetics into your home.

The artwork is created with empathy and depth. Inspired by Scandinavian, Japandi and Mid-Century Modern aesthetics, the work exudes calming aesthetics by using a variety of materials including watercolour, gouache, ink, and plaster. Artwork comes in a variety of sizes to fit your decor and gifting needs!


A variety of original watercolour prints as well as the framed plaster pieces and other large format framed work.




Joelle Nadine Studio
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