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It's Just Soap

When the world shut down and everyone was stuck inside, the need for soap became especially important. However, what four friends were surprised to find was that foaming hand soap was hard to find and buy online. It was even more difficult to find soap that was made with natural ingredients and not full of a bunch of chemicals that no one could pronounce. These four friends brought together their unique skillsets and It’s Just Soap was born.
We have done away with the chemicals and focused on natural ingredients that will make you feel good about your hand soap.

We have the confidence to call it what it is; It's Just Soap!


250 ml Foaming hand soap bottles & 1 Liter Refill bags in various scents - Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Earl Grey, Aqua, Orange, Peppermint




It's Just Soap
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