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Fehr Forgeworks

I create high quality Knives, designed for kitchen use but also for hunting and outdoor purposes. This year I am planning to launch 1 new product line at the Spring Third and Bird show: Japanese culinary line. Furthermore at a show this winter ill be launching my new BBQ line, with a variety of knives designed for bbq and smoking meat, so that will be a brand new line ill be promoting heavily leading up to the third and bird market, which I think will do great in spring. Previously I’ve done very well with culinary and limited BBQ items from the clientele that come to third and bird, and I think this would be a great opportunity to launch these products. Furthermore, ill be doing limited runs of magnetic knife storage blocks which im hoping to have ready for this market


Hunting and kitchen knives, and ill be really promoting my new Japanese line, as well as 3 brand new models specific to BBQ. Also I am hoping to have a few knife storage options to supplement my existing models, as ive noticed a lot of customers wanting a nice way to display my culinary knives os im hoping to be able to launch those at this show




Fehr Forgeworks
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