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Created Mother

We are community builders, with big generous hearts and a desire to work hard to continue to bring you the very best in products and service. While we pride ourselves on our ability to make amazing scrunchies – with all-day-hold! And Therapy packs for natural care and comfort, it is our ability to inspire connection and generosity in our community that is the driving force behind Created Mother.
In the past year we have created connection by:
-Hosting and participating in collaborations (with other small business owners, and charitable organizations)
- Hosting poolside connects where small business owners were able to come learn, share and grow together.
- Featuring our Send-a-Letter Campaign which inspired community members to reach out to those in their circles with letters of encouragement and a small gift, just to show they care.
- Using our platforms to encourage and support other business owners in their growth.

In the past year, we expanded our generous offerings and financial donations in our community to include:
1) Scrunchie Recycling Program which has a 2-fold initiative:
a. Provide a way to upcycle unwanted or damaged hair products – Scrunchies/ headbands donated are washed and repaired.
b. Donate products back into the community (Local Women’s Shelters)
2) September 2022, we had our second annual Donate our Profit month but we increased our donation by donating 100% of our sales (not just our profit!) for the entire month!
(Donation was made to: Distribution Centre of Southland Church – now also the Steinbach, MB donation hub for Ukrainian Refugees)
3) Product donations – New product was also donated to woman’s shelters, infant loss/support groups, and new mother programs.
Our Products:
We believe the products you bring into your home need to be functional and not just an aesthetic vibe. When it comes to scrunchies this means, a scrunchie without strong elastic is not worth keeping! Our scrunchies are able to keep up with you and your lifestyle! This means they stay in place until you're done with them!
Likewise, our Therapy Packs have helped bring comfort through reducing stress, helping to manage anxiety, providing relief for back pain and so much more. We want to help take the load off and our products do just that!


Product Listing:
- 2 sizes (Mini and Large), 3 styles (Classic, Bow, Hair Scarf), Assorted fabrics (Velvet, cotton, polyester, knit, etc.)
- Specialty scrunchies
o Waste-Not Colour Block
o SWIM and Towel Scrunchies
o Keychain scrunchies
Therapy Packs (Hot/Cold)
- 5 different sizes (Eye Mask, Bear, M, XL, Shoulder)
Hair claws
- 3 different sizes (in neutral and seasonal colours)




Created Mother
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