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Charleston & Harlow

The brainchild of Andrea and Jeff; nerds, travel enthusiasts, style aficionados, best friends, and partners in both business, shenanigans, and life in general. This idea came to us on a trip through the Balkans in the fall of 2015, while wandering along the coastal hills of a seaside village on a tiny Croatian Island in the Adriatic Sea. Everywhere you walked there was an array of fruit trees, flowers, and herb bushes; the aromas were absolutely intoxicating. Bergamots, lemons, limes, pomegranates, oranges, and grapefruit. Herbaceous rosemary, oregano, mint, thyme, and sage. And let's not forget your stereotypical Mediterranean fare: grapes, and olives. All of this produces one hell of a recipe for success! A few days later we were walking out of our homestay in Dubrovnik when we were greeted with the same pleasing aromas and we thought… why can’t we bottle this smell? Oh wait, we can! Our love for candles, travel, and all things tasty and aromatic spawned this grande idea to launch a candle company with nostalgia at the heart of our ethos. Why couldn’t we replicate this very feeling from a number of different experiences?

We started this venture with one goal in mind: to provide candles that are elegantly crafted, décor-inspired, distinctively fragrant, with the central thesis of creating an air of nostalgia. Maybe you long for the French Riviera (that’s us) or the beaches of Thailand, the vineyards of Italy or the streets of Paris. Or perhaps its your favourite café, floral shop, greenhouse, or your mahogany-draped, leather-wrapped, rum- and cigar-soaked study at your Dad's. Maybe it's the garden, or grandma's kitchen! Whatever you desire, we aim to transport you there through our olfactory experience.

We are the CEOs, the fragrance engineers, the mixologists, the production crew, shipping/receiving, the salesfolk, the marketing team, and the janitors. Our French Bulldogs, Charleston and Harlow, are merely the company mascots/namesakes yet somehow they get all the glory. Who are we kidding, they’d get all the glory even if it was named after us!

All of our candles are consciously crafted by hand in our studio in Saskatoon, SK with the hopes of someday adorning your mantles, bath ledges, offices, and travel bags.


Candles, Room Spray, Perfume, Bath Salts, Magnesium Spray, Lip Balm, Incense Cones




Charleston & Harlow
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