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Cedar and Vine Design Ltd.

There's an understated beauty in timeless design.

This was the philosophy out of which Cedar & Vine was born. What started as a simple passion has evolved into a mindset that encompasses more than just clothing design.

Somewhere along this crazy journey, we began to realize the need for transparency in our industry. Learning to design with intention, we discovered the value in being able to carry that purpose across in our daily lifestyle.

To us, slow fashion goes hand-in-hand with intentional design: a process that works for good to benefit everything affected by the product. This includes the people who create, model, and market our garments, good ol' mother earth, and of course YOU - the end user.

The way we ensure that the entire process is sustainable and ethical is by making our products right here in our studio. Each garment is made-to-order out of 100% linen. Learn more about our process here:


Handmade 100% linen garments (see all exact styles on




Cedar and Vine Design Ltd.
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