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Bubbles and Berries

Bubbles and Berries was started  here in Winnipeg by first time parents to help provide other parents with safer, more durable and sustainable product options for their little ones. Our products are silicone and wood based, with a bright and fun range of tableware, toys and mini sensory kits to encourage independence and learning through play! 

Our product range centres on the principles of being eco friendly, non-toxic and durable. Our range of toys are selected keeping open ended play in mind, to encourage imagination and learning through play. Our packaging is also intentionally minimal and paper based to be recycle-friendly.

Every product we sell, is a product we designed or modified and use daily in our own home with our toddlers, the inspiration and driving force behind our brand.


- Our Wooden ‘Busy Boards’ made in house for developing skills in a practical way
- Play silks and play cottons for open ended play
- Open ended sensory play kit essentials for children (food grade wooden utensils, non-toxic sensory rice and chickpeas, wooden play pieces)
- Sensory rice/chickpeas coloured with non-toxic dyes as additional sensory filler
- Premium silicone tableware for kids and babies (bibs, plates, bowls, cutlery, straw cups, snack bags)
- Silicone finger toothbrushes
- silicone toys (stacking rainbow sets, stacking cup towers, silicone beach/garden play sets)
- Stainless steel water bottles with silicone straws for toddlers and kids




Bubbles and Berries
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