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Boostani, translates from the Swahili language (bustani) to ‘garden’. A garden is a place where life is nurtured. Lois believes that beauty is represented in diverse forms and handmade items capture this beauty and uniqueness.

Boostani offers a variety of handmade products each unique to the customer. From colorful beaded key chains to beaded scarves to individualistic tote beach handbags and baskets, they add a modern yet African image to your household or wardrobe.

Boostani's handmade goods offer more than just a unique addition to your home, through your purchase, a cause is supported, one held dearly in Lois' heart.

Each product offered by Boostani is 'as unique as you.'


Hand woven sisal baskets, sizes and colors varying. Prices varying from $59.00 to $154.00.

Hand carved olive wood utensils, sizes and styles varying. Prices varying from $5.50 to $27.00




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