Westside Wings & Sauces

Westside is a fresh new brand that started during the pandemic. We operate some great pubs & lounges in Manitoba and we make all our own sauces and wings. When the pandemic shut us down we had to innovate. In order to keep our kitchen staff employed we decided to start making, packaging, selling and delivering our food and sauces. It was a big hit. We are continuing to grow our little business by selling our products in different stores, markets and bars around the province. We believe in using the freshest local ingredients available to us!


Westside Naked Wings - Gluten Free
Westside Breaded Wings
Westside Honey Garlic Sauce
Westside Hot Honey Sauce
Westside Peanut Thai Sauce
Westside Caribbean Jerk Sauce
Westside Screamin' Hot Sauce
Westside Korean BBQ Sauce
Westside Sweet Chili Sauce
Westside North Carolina BBQ Sauce




Westside Wings & Sauces