Westside Wings & Sauce

We started just before the pandemic in Winnipeg as a ghost kitchen in the westside of the city cooking and delivering great food including wings and other market items. When the pandemic came along in order to keep our cooks employed we pivoted to bottling all our homemade sauces and marinades. It turns out this was our actual calling. Not only were we able to keep people employed during a tough time but we were able to grow our business and innovate. We specialize in making small batch craft sauces and wings. We use local, fresh, natural ingredients and we are a small group of passionate people who love making the best frickin' sauce. We think our customers like it to!


Westside Sauce - Korean BBQ
Westside Sauce - Caribbean Jerk
Westside Sauce - Screamin' Hot
Westside Sauce - Honey Garlic
Westside Sauce - Hot Honey
Westside Sauce - Peanut Thai
Westside Sauce - Third + Bird Exclusive (New Every Year Exclusive for show)
Westside Wings - Naked (Gluten Free)
Westside Wings - Breaded




Westside Wings & Sauce